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Generates creative ideas.
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Seenapse is a revolutionary AI tool that is designed to help individuals and teams come up with creative and interesting ideas. The tool combines human lateral thinking and AI technology to quickly generate hundreds of possibilities in minutes.

It is designed to help users come up with ideas that are more than just “ok”, and to help them easily spot out the “ugly ducklings” that can be turned into beautiful swans.

Seenapse is available for individuals, small teams, and big teams and pricing plans are available to suit different needs. It is also integrated with Google Docs and other custom functionality and integrations are available upon request.

Seenapse is the perfect tool for anyone looking for fresh and interesting ideas in a short amount of time.


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Seenapse was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates creative ideas
Combines lateral thinking
Generates hundreds of ideas
Spot out 'ugly ducklings'
Available for individuals/teams
Different pricing plans
Integrated with Google Docs
Custom functionality
Custom integrations
Suitable for tight timelines
Aids in business pitches
Assists in creative direction
English/Spanish languages support
250 ideas per month for individual account
Unlimited ideas for team accounts
Offers interesting, surprising ideas
Inspires diverse creative directions
JavaScript enabled app
Created with love in Mexico City


No multilingual support for individual
Personal plan has limited ideas
No integrations in personal plan
Expensive for small teams
No pricing transparency for large teams
Limited custom functionality details
Not mobile-friendly
No offline functionality
Potential compatibility issues (specific tools unspecified)
Only accepts Stripe payments


What is Seenapse?
How does Seenapse generate creative ideas?
What is the role of AI in Seenapse?
What is the integration of Seenapse with Google Docs like?
How is Seenapse useful for small and big teams?
What kind of custom functions does Seenapse offer?
Who can benefit from using Seenapse?
How fast can Seenapse generate ideas?
Does Seenapse only generate 'ok' ideas?
Is Seenapse designed for individual use?
Are there any language limitations with Seenapse?
How many ideas can I generate per month with Seenapse's personal account?
What pricing plans does Seenapse offer?
How to contact Seenapse for custom functionality and integrations?
How does Seenapse help reduce stress related to business pitches?
Does Seenapse offer a free trial?
Can Seenapse help me turn 'ugly ducklings' into 'beautiful swans'?
Where was Seenapse created?
How to log in or sign up for Seenapse?
What does it mean by 'you are the creative director' in Seenapse context?


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