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Zavata is an AI-driven recruitment tool designed to streamline the hiring process by conducting automated interviews. It leverages smart AI technology to optimize the recruitment journey for both the employer and candidate. Zavata's features include automated scheduling, AI-powered interviewing, and real-time feedback. Its scheduling module allows a seamless and efficient interview arrangement process, adapting to varied time zones. The AI-powered interviewing component, known as the Smart Interview Assistant (SIA), conducts real-time, interactive interviews, providing a unique and engaging experience for each candidate. After each interview, Zavata provides instant, data-driven feedback and analysis to aid the hiring process. The platform offers detailed reports and performance metrics to enable informed hiring decisions. It seamlessly integrates with an existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and other HR tools, which ensures a smooth data flow while maintaining the workflow. The SIA offers a personalized interviewing experience, aiming to make candidates feel respected. The Zavata system also flags any potential bias or unnoticed cheating, providing reliable assessments. The tool can be tailored to meet specific hiring requirements, from custom interview questions to personalized evaluation criteria.

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Pros and Cons


Automated scheduling
Real-time feedback
Seamless ATS integration
Data-driven hiring
Adapts to varied timezones
Personalized interviewing experience
Immediate analysis post-interview
Eliminates potential bias
Detects potential cheating
Can be customized
Smart Interview Assistant
Automated interview arrangement
Detailed performance metrics
Workflow maintained
Respects candidates
Offers reliable assessments
Personalized evaluation criteria
Data-driven recruiting
Actionable insights post-interview
Unbiased assessments
Multi-modal fairness system
Role-specific question customization
Optimized recruitment journey
Streamlines hiring process
Real-time interactive interviews
Time-zone efficiency
Candidate engagement
Flexible interview scheduling
Multi-modal data flagging
Improves hiring decisions
Efficient data flow
Hiring goal alignment


Limited to recruitment use
Dependence on data quality
Potential technical difficulties with ATS integration
Limited customization options
No mentioned data export features
Potential privacy concerns
No offline capabilities


What is Zavata?
How does the automated scheduling feature of Zavata work?
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Can Zavata adapt to different time zones?
What kind of feedback does Zavata provide after interviews?
How does Zavata integrate with existing ATS and HR tools?
Can Zavata flag potential biases or unnoticed cheating during interviews?
Can Zavata's features be tailored to meet specific hiring requirements?
What are the steps in setting up Zavata for my recruitment process?
Does Zavata offer real-time feedback?
Can Zavata provide performance metrics and detailed reports?
What kind of experience does the Smart Interview Assistant provide for candidates?
Can Zavata handle scheduling around the clock?
How customizable are the interview questions in Zavata?
How does Zavata prevent cheating during interviews?
Is it possible to integrate Zavata with my existing ATS?
How does Zavata's real-time, interactive interviews work?
What kind of data does Zavata provide for data-driven hiring decisions?
How does Zavata contribute to making the recruitment journey seamless?
What kind of actionable insights does Zavata provide after each interview?

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