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Aboard uses AI to simplify your life's work.
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Aboard is a data management platform that leverages AI to simplify user interactions with digital data, enhancing software development processes. This tool allows users to organize their own links, notes, and other data or utilize AI to discover new information.

It offers a browser extension to capture relevant content, making the digital space less cluttered. On the platform, users are able to develop visual, searchable, and shareable boards which are enhanced with AI recommendations.

These boards can be used for collaboration among work teams, families, or friends. The system features include the AI-enabled Board Builder to prevent users from facing blank boards, Browser Clean Up for organizing multiple open tabs, and prioritizing functionalities with a Kanban view.

It also offers a Table View for a high-level view and management of data. Aboard facilitates customizing databases by allowing users to add custom fields such as due dates, names, or addresses.

This way, data becomes more structured and useful. Moreover, Aboard promotes knowledge sharing with a weekly podcast discussing modern tech leadership, and a newsletter providing updates and insights on tech and business.

Aboard's application is available for download on various platforms.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized data organization
Browser extension for capturing content
Visual and searchable boards
Collaborative boards for teams
Browser Clean Up feature
Tab prioritization with Kanban view
Table View for data management
Database customization options
Custom fields for data structuring
Promotes knowledge sharing
Weekly tech leadership podcast
Insightful newsletters
Multiformat app availability
Visual representation of data
Streamlined user interaction
Software development enhancement
Allows note organization
Improves digital workspace


No offline access
Limited customization boards
No multi-platform syncing
Lacks version control
No inbuilt chat feature
Lacks Gantt chart support
No data exporting function
No integration with third-party apps
No mobile app version


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