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On-demand models for tasks and scenarios.
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BOMML is an AI hosting tool that offers pre-configured solutions for various AI models and scenarios. With BOMML, users can easily deploy AI in their workflows without the need for complex implementation and deployment processes.

Privacy and security are prioritized, as BOMML ensures that AI models run on encrypted machines in secure datacenter clouds. They do not track user data and do not utilize any user data to train their models.

Users can leverage BOMML for multiple tasks including text generation, conversational chats, embeddings, controlling, analyzing, and optical character recognition, among others.

The tool is designed to be easily integrated into different applications using API endpoints, regardless of the user's technical stack. One of the advantages of using BOMML is its competitive pricing, allowing users to enjoy the best prices in the market for on-demand AI services and pay only for what they use.

BOMML also offers fine-tuning and training capabilities, allowing users to tailor AI models for specific tasks or based on their own data. Additionally, users can bring their own data, such as documents and files, to generate more relevant responses for their specific use cases.

For users requiring on-premise AI models running on their hardware, BOMML provides assistance throughout the process. They also offer support for various use cases and provide expert guidance to find solutions tailored to each problem.

BOMML's AI models are available as a service and can be easily accessed through a simple API or their web interface. These models are designed for ease of use, fast performance, and strong privacy and security measures.


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Sep 5, 2023
Impressive inference time!

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Pros and Cons


Text generation capabilities
Conversational chat functionalities
Embedding and control features
Analytical tools
Optical character recognition
Competitive pricing
Pay only for use
Fine-tuning and training capabilities
Supports user's own data
Support for on-premise models
Expert guidance available
Models available as service
Accessible via API
Web interface available
Fast performance
Supports real-time applications
Supports batch processing
Doesn't store user data
Encrypted communication
Support for varied use cases
User data not utilized for training


Limited model customization
Dependent on internet connection
Potential latency issues
Forced upgrades due to SaaS
Requires good API knowledge
Server maintenance downtime
Vendor lock-in risk
Data might not import/export smoothly
Potential data security issues
Reliance on vendor for support


What is BOMML?
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Can I bring my own data to BOMML?
What is the process for using BOMML for on-premise AI models?
How are BOMML's AI models accessed?
What is the pricing model for BOMML?
How is BOMML integrated into different applications?
Can BOMML be used for real-time applications?
Is BOMML easy to use and integrate?
Does BOMML offer support for various use cases?
What type of tasks can BOMML handle?
Does BOMML track user data?
Is BOMML an API or web interface?
What types of documents and files can I use with BOMML?
How secured are BOMML's datacenter clouds?
Can BOMML be used for batch processing?
Do I pay per use for BOMML's on-demand AI services?
Can BOMML models be used in different apps irrespective of the tech stack?


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