Building design 2024-03-22
Residential home build collaboration software.
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Digs is a residential home-building collaboration software targeting custom builders, production builders, remodelers, and homeowners. It seeks to enhance collaboration in homebuilding through its AI-powered platform which manages communication, documents, and decisions all in one place.

Digs offers tailored features for pre-construction, construction, and handoff & warranty management stages of the homebuilding process. The pre-construction phase enables clients to share their ideas and vision, redline plans in real-time, and promotes quick and effective project advancement through collaborative tools.

The construction phase focuses on vendor and client communication management, accountability with finish and selection reviews, and daily updates for clients and teams.

For handoff & warranty management, Digs provides clients with secure and shareable home documentation, an AI-powered search experience for warranty and home queries, and timely warranty responses.

The AI system operates discreetly in the background, automating manual tasks, saving time, and enhancing the client's experience. Digs is regarded as an innovative tool in the homebuilding sector for its goal to digitalize the build experience and improve industry communication.


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Digs was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Residential home-building collaboration
Custom builders support
Production builders tool
Remodeling management
Homeowner communication
Pre-construction planning software
Construction management software
Handoff & warranty management
One-place communication, documents, decisions
Tailored features for homebuilding stages
Shareable home documentation
Accountability with finish reviews
Daily updates for clients, teams
Automates manual tasks
Enhances client's experience
Digitalizes the build experience
Improves industry communication
Redline plans in real-time
Quick project advancement tools
Vendor, client communication management
Selection reviews in one place
Timely warranty responses
Silent automation
Pre-construction, construction, handoff solutions
Single platform for collaboration
Innovating homebuilding sector
Real-time pre-construction collaboration
Integrated design consultation tools
Daily updates sharing
Shareable secure home documentation
Construction, technology hybrid tool
client, subs, teams communication
Digital blueprint handoff
Game changer in homebuilding
Selections in one place
Handover ease after build


No offline mode
Limited platform compatibility
Potential privacy concerns
Dependence on user input
Lack of API
No multi-language support
Limited customer support
Possibly difficult integration
Interface complexity for homeowners
Lacks robust data security

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