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HeyBeauty is an AI-based platform revolutionizing how fashion is experienced. Its primary feature is an AI-powered virtual dressing room that enables users to digitally try on clothes.

This feature aims to make online shopping as interactive and accurate as shopping in-store. The virtual fitting room adjusts to different body types and sizes to provide a realistic fitting experience.

The platform further personalizes the user's experience by considering the unique style and preferences of each user. With the help of past shopping habits and fashion preferences, HeyBeauty also provides style recommendations.

It not just helps in discovering new trends but also revisiting classics. Another useful feature is the size prediction which massively reduces the confusion over choosing the right size from various brands and styles.

The platform enables an efficient online shopping experience by minimizing the chances of ordering the wrong size and consequently reducing returns. Users can integrate their existing wardrobe on HeyBeauty, enabling them to visualize new combinations without purchasing more clothes.

The users also get the option to upload their try-on images and preview their try-on results, making the online shopping experience even more interactive and personalized.


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HeyBeauty was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Virtual dressing room
Adjusts to body sizes/types
Personalized shopping experiences
Style recommendations
Trend discovery
Classics revisiting
Size prediction
Minimizes shopping returns
Existing wardrobe integration
Visualize new combinations
Upload try-on images
Preview try-on results
Experience personalization
Integrates users style preferences
Reduce size selection confusion
Efficient online shopping
Interactive shopping experience
Outfit predictions
Detailed virtual try-ons
Real-time fitting
Supports various clothing types
Constant style updates
Style recommendations for body types
Highly accurate size prediction
Minimal returns due to inaccuracies
Helps visualize outfit combinations


Requires personal style input
Dependent on accurate measurements
Needs extensive clothing upload
Prone to sizing errors
Doesn't support all clothing types
Relies on past shopping history
Potential privacy concerns
No offline use
Recommendations may not reflect trends
Limited wardrobe integration


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