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Easily edit, convert and organize PDFs online.
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HiPDF is a comprehensive web-based tool designed for effective handling of PDF files. The tool offers efficient and secure modules to edit, convert, and organize PDFs.

It provides features that allow users to modify the content of PDFs, including capabilities to rotate, crop, or replace text within the document. HiPDF also supports an array of conversion options, offering utilities to transform Word, JPG, Excel, PPT, and PUB files into PDFs, and vice versa.

Besides, users can manage their PDFs better with features like Merge PDF, Compress PDF, Split PDF, Extract images, and Rearrange PDFs. The tool further enables users to protect their PDFs by providing functionalities to add protection, unlock, redact, sign, and share.

To enhance user experience, HiPDF incorporates AI tools such as Chat with PDF, AI Detector, and AI Read. Additional utilities include a range of image tools, like image compression, cropping, resizing, and conversion.

All these robust features make HiPDF a one-stop solution for PDF and image management.


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Pros and Cons


Web-based tool
Secure PDF handling
PDF editing features
PDF conversion capabilities
Efficient PDF organizer
Array of file conversion support
Rotate, crop, replace PDF text
Merge, compress, split PDF
Extract images from PDF
Rearrange PDFs
Protects and unlocks PDF
PDF redaction
PDF digital signature
Document sharing facility
Image resizing and cropping
Image compression and conversion
Free Online PDF Solution
Data safety assurance
PDF Crop
Online document sharing
Compress image
Resize image
Image to text conversion
Retain chat history
Multi-language support
Redirect to original file
Keep PDF chat records
Advanced encryption methods
Process files without download
Compress, crop, rotate images
Convert images to Word, PPT, TXT, Excel, RTF
Support various image formats
10G Cloud storage
Create, star, rename, move files
Interactive PDF processing
PDF command processing
Content authenticity verification


Web-based only
No offline functionality
Requires internet connectivity
Doesn't support all file formats
No desktop application
Not open-source
No API mentioned
Doesn't support batch processing
Limited free trial


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