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Voice to text app with AI and human transcription services.
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Tunk is an AI-powered voice to text tool that offers transcription services with high accuracy and speedy delivery. It aims to facilitate users who may need transcription for tasks like drafting articles, capturing lecture notes, or other data analysis tasks.

Tunk's core offering is the transformation of voice to text, differentiating itself by offering high-quality and accurate transcriptions. The tool is designed to handle video uploads hassle-free, negating the need for users to separate audio from video data.

Privacy and data security are key features of this tool, with stringent security protocols and advanced encryption methods employed to ensure that user data remains confidential.

Users can export their transcripts in diverse formats (srt, docx, pdf, or txt) for convenient sharing. Notably, Tunk is engineered to be intuitive, with a user-friendly interface that lets users easily convert voice to text.

The tool continually learns and improves, increasing the accuracy and quality of transcriptions over time.


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Tunk was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


High transcription accuracy
Fast delivery
Handles video uploads
Doesn't require separating audio from video
High data security
Advanced encryption methods
Confidentiality ensured
Supports multiple export formats
User-friendly interface
Continuous learning and improvement
Fast transcription service
Reliable data analysis
Partners with AWS, Google, Microsoft
Hassle-free audio-video upload
Clear accuracy even with accents
Effortless efficiency
Securely encrypted files
Effortlessly exports transcripts
Affordable and intuitive solution
Fast signup process
Seamless interface for voice to text
Convenient transcript sharing
Supports diverse tasks, e.g., drafting articles
Industry-standard security protocols


Limited file import formats
Only supports manual video uploads
Limited transcription export formats
No real-time transcription
Might struggle with accents
Might struggle with background noise
Dependant on third-party technologies
No api integration
UID isn't customizable
No offline functionality


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How does Tunk Tunk ensure data security and confidentiality?
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Does Tunk Tunk have a user-friendly interface?
How does Tunk Tunk handle background noise during transcription?
Does Tunk Tunk's AI technology improve over time?
How fast does Tunk Tunk deliver transcripts?
Can I utilize Tunk Tunk for educational purposes like note-taking?
Does Tunk Tunk require separate audio from video data?
What are Tunk Tunk's privacy measures?
What types of files does Tunk Tunk support for transcription?
How can I share my transcripts from Tunk Tunk?
Can I use Tunk Tunk for drafting articles?
How does Tunk Tunk handle different accents?
What pricing options does Tunk Tunk offer?

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