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Assists with code review, pull requests, and writing tests.
Sample prompts:
Review this code snippet.
Generate a pull request for this update.
Write a unit test for this function.
Optimize this method for better performance.
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Code Copilot AI is a GPT that is specifically designed to aid in the coding process. It serves on multiple fronts including code review, handling of pull requests, and writing of test cases.

Operating as an application on top of ChatGPT, Code Copilot AI acts as a competent assistant for developers, taking over routine tasks and thus easing the coding process.

This tool is not just restricted to code generation but also provides insights into optimizing methods for better overall performance of your codebase.

Its capabilities also extend to generating pull requests, which can automate and simplify the process of code integration in a version control environment.

Furthermore, Code Copilot AI proves to be a valuable asset in writing unit test cases for specific functions. This can fast-track the software testing process and ensure that the developed functions perform as expected.

The requirement it stipulates is a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Initially, users need to sign up and then they can utilize Code Copilot AI for their coding process.

This tool is developed to improve the efficiency and quality of your coding lifecycle.


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