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TweetMe is an AI tweet writer that helps users create custom tweets in their own style and voice. With no coding required, users can quickly generate AI-written tweets about topics important to them.

TweetMe connects to Twitter and OpenAI to fetch up to 250 of the user's most recent tweets, then uses these to create a custom AI model. Once the model has been created, the user can generate tweets in their own style and push them straight to Twitter.

TweetMe offers users 10 free AI-written tweets and an unlimited option for $19.99 that allows users to generate as many AI-written tweets as they want, forever.

In addition, TweetMe provides a No Code AI Model Builder for users to create other custom AI models.


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TweetMe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No coding required
Fetches 250 recent tweets
Generates user-style tweets
Instant tweet posting
Unlimited tweets option
Affordable unlimited option
No generic content
Provides No Code Builder
Easy 3-step process
Adjustable tweet content
Integration with Google
Utilizes GPT-3
Multiple subscription options
Privacy protective
Offers cookie policy
Password-protected accounts
Easy account creation
Large user community
Specific model training
High-speed tweet generation


Only supports Twitter
Limited to 250 recent tweets
Only uses user's tweets
No generic model fallback
No free model building
Feature limitations not clear
Unlimited plan cost
Pushes tweets automatically
Limited tweet customization


What is TweetMe?
How does TweetMe work?
What does it mean that TweetMe creates tweets in 'my own style and voice'?
Can I use TweetMe without knowing how to code?
How many of my most recent tweets does TweetMe use to create a custom AI model?
How do I get tweets generated by TweetMe on my Twitter feed?
How much does TweetMe cost?
What is the '10 free AI-written tweets' offer?
What does the $19.99 unlimited option cover?
What is the No Code AI Model Builder that TweetMe provides?
How does TweetMe differ from other AI writing tools?
Are there any user testimonials for TweetMe?
What is the procedure to tweet using TweetMe?
Can I edit the tweets generated by TweetMe?
Is there a free trial for TweetMe?
How can I create another custom AI model using TweetMe?
What does 'trained on ~250 of your tweets, forever' mean in the unlimited tweeting option?
Can I use the AI model created by TweetMe for other purposes?
What kind of privacy does TweetMe offer my data?
Do I have to pay separately for the No Code AI Model Builder?


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