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Transcribes videos to text and repurposes content.
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Type Studio is a web-based tool designed to help simplify the process of transcribing videos into text. It uses Revvoice recognition technology to automatically transcribe audio and video files into written text with one click.

It supports more than 30 different languages, and users can export the transcript in many different formats, including .srt, .vtt, and .txt files, with optional timestamps.In addition to transcription, Type Studio also features a text-based video editor that allows users to make changes to the transcribed text before sharing it via email or on their website.

It also provides the ability to repurpose videos by turning them into different content pieces and translate them into different languages. Finally, it allows users to share their videos with a link or embed them into their blog to generate more content.Overall, Type Studio is a comprehensive tool for transcribing, repurposing, and sharing videos.

It is used by leading companies and professionals around the world, and is praised for its user-friendly interface and advanced features.


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Pros and Cons


Web-based tool
Uses Revvoice recognition
Supports 30+ languages
Multiple export formats
Optional timestamps
Text-based video editor
Content repurposing capability
Translation into different languages
Embeddable videos
Used by leading companies
SEO performance improvement
Automatic saving of progress
Shareable via email
Ability to embed in blog
Increases content accessibility
Content discoverability improvement
Video repurposing options
Supports all video formats
Auto language translation
Ability to correct translations
Offers a free plan
Optimized video editor interface
Enables subtitle addition
Webcam recording feature
Screen recording editing
Automatic transcript generation
Supports transcription of various languages
Exports transcripts with subtitles
Automatic transcription accuracy
No software installation required
Preview feature before export
Suitable for multilingual content
Video to article feature
Automated content repurposing
Search inside video functionality
Text addition to video
Image addition to video
Video rotation capability


Web-based only
Relies on RevVoice technology
Limited file support (.mp4, .mov)
No offline option
Shared content privacy risks
Limited language assistance
Transcription inaccuracies possible
Limited export formats (.srt, .vtt, .txt)
Limited editing features
No mention of versioning


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How user-friendly is the interface of Type Studio?
What companies and professionals use Type Studio?
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Can Type Studio perform voice overs?
Can I add images to videos using Type Studio?
Can Type Studio be used for editing Zoom recordings?
What does the share content feature in Type Studio entail?
How does the automatic translate feature work in Type Studio?
How does Type Studio help me turn videos into text online?

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