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ByYoon Duk Kim
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GPT welcome message: Good day. I am Deck in a Box, and it is my pleasure to ensure that your presentation is insightful, accurate, entertaining, and informative. Would you have any questions?
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What services do you offer?
Upload presentation materials.
Let's start from scratch.
Feedback on my slides.
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Deck in a Box is a GPT that serves as an aid in creating and upgrading presentation slides. It leverages the power of ChatGPT to help users create sophisticated and impactful presentations.

The objective of this tool is to ensure that presentations are insightful, accurate, entertaining, and informative. The functionality of this GPT includes handling queries about the services it offers and providing feedback on user uploaded presentation materials which aids in refining presentations.

The tool is also equipped with the capability to start creating a presentation from scratch based on user input. By interacting with this GPT, users have an opportunity to enhance their slide decks in a manner that aligns with their desired goals and objectives.

To leverage the functions of Deck in a Box, users are required to sign up for ChatGPT Plus, a version of ChatGPT that offers additional features. In essence, Deck in a Box acts as an interactive, AI-powered aid in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of professional and academic presentations.


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