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Record meetings with AI-powered notes and win deals
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Claap is an AI-powered video recording tool designed to facilitate and enhance business deals and interactions. This platform provides a variety of features aimed at making post-sales meeting processes more efficient.

Users can automatically record and transcribe meetings in multiple languages, employ AI to summarize meetings with user-defined templates, and build follow-up emails from these summaries with a single click.

Claap also offers a CRM enrichment functionality, which automatically updates CRM systems with data captured during meetings in real-time. Additionally, Claap uses AI to analyze conversation and CRM data, helping businesses understand their win or loss patterns better for improved conversion rates.

To make searching for information more seamless, Claap allows users to search transcripts across the entire workspace. The solution also has an AI assisted coaching feature for training purposes and a secure video library for storing recordings and training materials.

To facilitate better integration, Claap can be integrated with various applications to enable workflow automations.

Claap was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 8th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automated video recording
Transcribes meetings in multiple languages
Creates follow-up emails from summaries
CRM enrichment feature
Real-time data capturing
Analysis of win/loss patterns
Searchable transcripts across workspace
Secure video library
Can integrate with various applications
Workflow automations
Auto-updates CRM systems
Summarization with user-defined templates
Translation available in 99 languages
Monthly objection report feature
Deal insights and MEDDIC Scorer
Automates post-sales meeting tasks
Screen Recording feature
Repurpose best calls for training
Organizes recordings in a secure library
Shorten sales cycle with videos
CRM-synced transcript search
Can be used by all teams
Rapid setup
Transcript editing for video making
Basic version is free
Admin recording and sharing controls
Priority support for Business version
2-way CRM integration
Unlimited uploads and recordings on Business version
Updates and scales with team
Calendar and conference call sync


No offline mode
CRM limited to specific systems
Doesn't support all languages
Limited video clip editing
No announced data retention policy
Reliance on internet connection
User-defined templates may require training
Transcription accuracy is variable
Analysis tools limited to win/loss patterns
Automated emails may lack personalization


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How to Book a Demo on Claap?
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What are Claap's pricing and licensing options?
Can I create clips or repurpose calls for training with Claap?

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