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Effortlessly convert meeting audio into transcripts and summaries.
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Flownote is a mobile application that transcribes and summarizes meeting audio. It leverages machine learning technology, delivering automatic and highly accurate transcriptions (over 99% accuracy claimed) in several languages.

To use Flownote, you simply record or upload the meeting audio, and the application generates detailed, concise summaries of your meetings. Key elements of a summary can include important points discussed, dates, and action items, all intended to make recalling critical details easier without the user needing to revisit lengthy audio recordings.

Speaker labels and timestamps are included in the transcriptions, helping identify who said what and when. Furthermore, Flownote offers the ability to export the notes as a PDF or text file.

This feature allows users to share their notes more easily with team members or clients, potentially improving clarity and avoiding misunderstandings.

The application aims to lessen the time spent on manual note-taking, increasing the overall efficiency in handling meetings. As for security, Flownote's transcriptions, summaries, and meeting recordings are stored privately and securely in a cloud storage system.

The app can be used freely with a quota of minutes for recording, with the option to upgrade for unlimited recording time. Also, it can run in the background or with a locked phone screen.

It offers different usage plans to cater to varying user needs.


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Pros and Cons


Transcribes meeting audio
Summarizes recorded content
Highly accurate transcriptions
Multiple language support
Timestamps in transcriptions
Speakers identification
Export notes as PDF
Export notes as text
Efficient meeting handling
Secure cloud storage
Free usage with quota
Upgrade for unlimited recording
Works in background
Works with locked screen
Multiple usage plans
Automatic key points identification
Highlights important dates and actions
Notes sharing possibility
App for meeting management
Saves manual note-taking time


Limitations on free usage
No Android version mentioned
Limited export formats
Dependent on internet connection
Storage tied to cloud
Potential privacy concerns
No offline recording
Paid version is mandatory for extensive usage
No real-time transcription
Limited languages for transcription


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