Object removal 2022-03-16
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Easy removal of objects from photos.
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Hama is an AI-powered web application designed to enable users to quickly and easily erase objects from photos with a single brush. The application offers an intuitive drag and drop or click to upload feature, allowing users to erase people or objects from their images in seconds.

Hama also offers a surprise results beyond expectations feature, which allows users to see how their photos will look after the erasing process is complete.

Furthermore, Hama provides a free erasing service for high-resolution photos, with no size limit or restriction on how many images can be edited. The application also includes a range of helpful FAQs, such as how to use the buttons, keyboard shortcuts and how to add the Hama app to your home screen.

Hama is free to use and allows users to create unlimited high-resolution photos.


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Hama was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 25th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Easy object removal
Quick editing process
Drag and drop feature
Preview erasing results
Free high-resolution erasing
No image size limit
Unlimited image edits
Helpful FAQ section
Free to use
Unlimited high-res creations
Mobile shortcut availability
Website usable in English
Guidelines for better performance


No mobile app
Requires internet connection
No offline feature
Limited editing tools
Possible inaccuracies in erasing
Limited language options
No Undo/Redo feature
No mass-editing option
No automated photo enhancement
Contact form instead of live chat


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How many photos can I edit using Hama?
What are the key features of Hama?
How do I upload photos onto Hama's interface?
Can Hama be used to remove people from photos?
Does Hama offer any keyboard shortcuts for better usability?
Can I see a preview of the edited photo on Hama?
How can I add the Hama app to my home screen?
Does Hama maintain the original resolution of my photo after editing?
What are some common use cases of Hama?
How can I ensure optimal erasing in Hama?
Can Hama be used for editing high-resolution photos?
Is it possible to erase multiple objects from a photo using Hama?
Does Hama offer any guided instructions or FAQs on how to use it?
How can I sign up for a free account on Hama?
Are there any restrictions on the number of images I can edit using Hama?

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