Speech synthesis 16 Sep 2023
Realistic speech for VR gaming.

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LMNT is an AI tool that enables creative expression through speech. It allows users to generate emotive, human-like speech and create custom voices that can bring characters and narratives to life.

The tool offers a Playground feature where users can experiment and play with the AI-generated speech. Additionally, it provides multilingual capabilities, allowing users to generate speech in different languages.LMNT also offers a Unity plugin, which is designed specifically for voiceover characters in the Unity game engine.

This plugin enables game developers to incorporate realistic and expressive speech into their characters.The tool provides a Developer API, allowing developers to integrate LMNT's speech generation capabilities into their own applications and workflows.

LMNT offers pricing information for access to the tool and its features.For those interested in learning more about LMNT or getting support, the website provides various links, including a Discord community, GitHub repository, and social media profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Users can also join their explore portal for additional resources and contact the team directly.LMNT prioritizes privacy and has laid out its privacy policy and terms of service for users to review.

Overall, LMNT is a powerful AI tool for generating emotive speech and custom voices that can enhance creative projects across various industries.

LMNT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 16th 2023.
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