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Create visuals with generative AI, slash creative costs.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI product image generator designed to optimize content creation and reduce creative production costs. The tool leverages advanced AI models to generate visuals and photographs based on user-specified text input.

Users can input the type of images they want to create, and the tool will produce photorealistic images that can be used for marketing and advertising purposes.

Additionally, users can upload their product images and instantly modify them using text or pre-constructed templates. The tool also hosts a collection of AI-generated stock photos which predominantly feature models of various ages, allowing users to select photos to suit their advertising or marketing needs.

Furthermore, the platform offers text content generation services which propose several outputs depending on the specified tone, purpose, or target user.

The tool is designed to be particularly beneficial to e-commerce and marketing companies to simplify their creative process.


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Pros and Cons


Generates visuals from text
Produces photorealistic images
Modifies uploaded product images
Utilizes pre-constructed templates
Features models of various ages
Offers text content generation
Proposes multiple output options
Tone, purpose, target specification
Optimized for e-commerce and marketing
Reduces creative production costs
Instant image transformation
Supports professional content creation
Offers collection of templates
Gradually adds more features
Price plans for different needs
Unlimited image generation on paid plans
Professional grade security on enterprise plan
Custom templates for enterprise users
Customizable image adjustments
Automatic light, saturation, hue adjustments
Detailed adjustment options for blending
Flexible cancellation process
Supports commercial usage of outputs


Limited template selection
Restricted image generation capacity
No downloads on free plan
Pro Generations not included
Advanced security limited to enterprise
Limited customization
Page partially in Japanese
Limited rights for commercial usage
Cancellation process not clear
No clear troubleshooting guide for issues


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How does generate text content?
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How can benefit e-commerce companies?
Can generate photorealistic images?
What kind of stock photos are available on
How can reduce creative production costs?
Can I specify the type of images I want to create with
Can guarantee copyright of the images for commercial usage?
Can I upload my own product images to for modification?
Can I use to create advertisements?
Can I use the product images from in my marketing content?
Does offer subscription plans?
How to cancel my subscription with
What methods of payment does accept?

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