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Improve image quality with AI upscaling.
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Freepik Upscaler is an AI-powered tool utilized for image enhancement and upscaling. It serves as an efficient tool for refining details, sharpness, and overall fidelity to generate high-resolution images up to 4K.

A notable feature is its batch processing capability, which allows the enhancement and upscaling of multiple images at once, providing consistency over large image sets.

The application allows customizations through different imagination levels and various styles like 3D, art, and portrait. This functionality permits users to adjust how much the AI modifies the detail of images according to their specific needs.Freepik Upscaler excels at revitalizing overly compressed, old, and low-quality photos by sharpening and refining them.

Additional features include 'Contextual textures and details', where based on the image content, textures, and details are added to enhance image quality.

The tool accommodates a broad range of image formats including jpg, jpeg, webp, and png.Freepik Upscaler's intuitive user interface makes it straightforward to use.

Users can readily upload one or more images, adjust output quality, and modify the level of detail added by the AI. The result can be downloaded or further adjusted if needed.

This tool suits both professional designers and hobbyists alike, serving various image enhancement needs.


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May 25, 2024
This is basically Magnific Ai integrated into this service since they have bought the company.
May 25, 2024
Its included with Freepik Premium and you get for now daily 20 images to rescale.

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Pros and Cons


High-resolution image upscaling
Batch image processing
Customizable imagination levels
Supports various styles
Revitalizes old photos
Contextual textures and details
Supports various image formats
Intuitive user interface
Downloadable results
Suitable for professionals and hobbyists
Upload multiple images
Editing output quality
Revitalizes compressed photos
Enhances low-quality photos
Customizable upscaling
Experiment with creativity sliders
Works in the background
Improves textures of images
Image generator integration
Optimized for different subjects
Ensures consistency across images
Personalizable results
Instant comparison slider
Provides specific visual enhancements
Up to 20 images daily
Free upscaling limited
Creates diverse image variations
Suitable for any project


Limited free upscaling
Only 4K maximum resolution
Restrictive image formats (jpg, jpeg, webp, png)
Limited styles (3D, art, portrait)
Limited batch processing (20 images maximum)
Requires premium for full features
No mention of collaborative features
No API mentioned
Lacks mobile app
No automation options


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