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Therapist Online is an AI-powered tool designed to support users in their mental health journey through instant, personalized assistance. This tool is not designed to replace licensed therapy, but instead aid with providing empathetic, confidential conversations that are available around-the-clock.

It uses AI technology to personalize the support according to the individual's needs and can help users navigate through various life challenges. The tool represents an advancement in the field of online therapy, focusing on making mental health resources more accessible to a wider audience.

The AI Therapist is a user-friendly platform providing resources for therapy and mental health professionals. Designed with confidentiality and empathy as crucial components, the tool strives to ensure a supportive, safe space for users to discuss concerns, difficulties, and experiences.

The tool is easily accessible online and requires no scheduling making it an instant source of support for individuals who might need to talk to someone at any given time.


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May 24, 2024
Not anything like a real therapist. ChatGPT (and most other AI’s) would give the same answer. Answer was long and not formatted in any way, making it hard to read. While the answers and advice were quite okay, it lacked any feeling humanity and of being met as as person and in a difficult situation.
May 22, 2024
interesting one

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Pros and Cons


Instant, personalized assistance
Confidential, empathetic support
Available 24/7
Accessible online
No scheduling required
Safe space for discussion
Can navigate life challenges
Mental health aid
Personalized support
Advancement in online therapy
User friendly platform
Resources for professionals
Confidentiality and empathy focus
Supportive environment
Helps navigate life challenges
Wide accessibility
Personalized support
1 million+ users
Respects GDPR
Explicit cookie policy


No mobile application
No live human support
Limited personalisation
Lacks advanced therapeutic techniques
Not suitable for severe issues
Might lack cultural sensitivity
Doesn't replace licensed therapy
Confidentiality concerns
GDPR complications
No scheduling options

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