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Edda is a GPT designed to streamline the process of creating compelling presentations. With Edda, users start with a concept or idea and are guided through building an effective and engaging slide deck.

This GPT greatly enhances productivity in preparing presentations by reducing the time typically needed to crate killer presentations. The main purpose of Edda is to create resonance with the target audience by crafting persuasive messages and visually appealing content.

Edda is particularly suited to a range of use cases including but not limited to, Sprint Demo Presentations, Pitch Deck creations, Product Feature Presentations, Partnership Proposal Decks, Stakeholders Updates, and Board Meeting Presentations.

By leveraging the power of the underlying ChatGPT, Edda can be used to create impactful presentations more dynamically, efficiently, and creatively. It does require users to have a ChatGPT Plus in order to use it.

Edda is more than just a tool for organizing thoughts; it serves as a digital advisor that supports the promotion of ideas in a structured and visually appealing format.

Developed by makersmansion.ai, Edda helps users deliver presentations that accurately reflect their objectives and resonate with audiences. This GPT is an asset for business professionals, educators, students, and anyone needing to create engaging presentations with reduced time investment and increased efficiency.

Edda is about optimizing presentation building while maintaining the quality and effectiveness of the final output.


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