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Use your locally running AI models to assist your web browsing.
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Page Assist is a tool designed to augment web browsing through the use of locally running AI models. It serves as a Web User Interface (UI) for these AI models and provides a platform for interaction during web browsing activity.

The extension features a convenient sidebar intended for varying tasks, and it supports vision models specifically. This capability makes the tool suitable for interfacing and interacting with AI models during online activity.

Moreover, the Page Assist extension presents a stripped-down web UI for local AI models, carefully avoiding any unnecessary clutter or complex interfaces.

Furthermore, it supports a range of local AI model providers, with Ollama being a representative example. The tool also ensures user privacy by committing not to sell or misuse user data.

Hence, Page Assist offers a user-friendly and secure method to utilize local AI models to assist in web browsing effectively.


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Page Assist was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 9th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Web browser enhancement
Integrated sidebar
Supports vision models
Stripped-down UI
Avoids unnecessary clutter
Ollama support
Preserves user privacy
Convenient web browsing assistant
Tab management feature
Interactive platform
Small Size (1.7MiB)
English language support
Committed to non-misuse of data
No third-party data sale


Only specific model support
Limited to web UI
Depends on browser version
May not support all tasks
No additional language support
Large extension size
No user reviews
Data privacy could limit features
No live feature updates


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Why is Page Assist said to be user-friendly?
How does Page Assist ensure user privacy?
How does Page Assist interface and interact with AI models during online activity?
Which local AI model providers are compatible with Page Assist?
Why is Page Assist considered suitable for interfacing with AI models?
Is it possible to customize Page Assist according to my needs?
What is Ollama and how does it interact with Page Assist?
What is the function of the vision models supported by Page Assist?
How easy is Page Assist extension to install and use?
Is Page Assist compatible with every web browser?
How do I use my locally running AI models with Page Assist?
Can I run multiple local AI models simultaneously on Page Assist?
What kind of web UI does Page Assist offer for local AI models?
Do I need to have prior AI knowledge to effectively use Page Assist?
Does Page Assist affect the loading speed or performance of my web browser?


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