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Merging AI with spreadsheets for better workflows.
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Spreadsheet Daddy is an AI-powered add-on built for Google Sheets with the aim of transforming and automating workflows, thus increasing productivity. It leverages the capability of advanced AI features such as GPT-4 to solve complex problems, surpassing many standard spreadsheet tools.

Spreadsheet Daddy allows users to build custom workflows and scale operations all from a blank spreadsheet, enabling a tailored and highly personalized user experience.

It is capable of executing thousands of AI prompts at scale and supports cell references, allowing users to link data within cells directly into their AI prompts.

This AI tool offers a feature named 'Safe Mode' which routes all requests through a separate API to ensure data used is not utilized for training AI models, enhancing its privacy and security.

As a Google Sheets extension, Spreadsheet Daddy can be easily integrated into existing workflows, minimizing learning curves. Additional services such as an AI autocomplete, formula generator, and a text extraction feature that can import text from URLs or Google Docs are also offered.

Pricing is based on usage scale, with options to bring your own API key to reduce costs.


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Pros and Cons


GPT-4 advanced features
Customizable workflow creation
Scalable operations from blank spreadsheet
Supports data cell references
Separate API for data privacy (Safe Mode)
Easy integration into Google Sheets
Formula generator service
Text Extraction from URLs or Google Docs
Usage scale determines pricing
Option to bring your own API key
Handles batch execution at scale
Enterprise level security
Built-in API load management
Custom functions support
Translate Google Apps Script/Formula to plain language
Import text from multiple URLs or Google Docs
Generates regular expressions from text prompts
Custom plan services for Enterprises
Handles variety of tasks across industries
Automation of repetitive tasks
Text classification for topic, sentiment, etc.
Specific data extraction
Bulk translation support
Email, ad copy, social media posts, product description creation at scale
Generate Google Apps Script code from text prompt
Formula/function generation based on text prompt


Limited to Google Sheets
Pricing based on usage
Requires own API key
Limits on free characters
No Excel support
Custom functions only
Doesn't support all languages
No offline mode
Requires safe mode for privacy
Complex prompts could cause errors


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