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Harnessing AI to identify noteworthy changes in the stock market.
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StockQuakes is an AI-powered tool that identifies significant changes in the stock market. This tool uses proprietary AI algorithms to analyze over 5000 stocks daily, leveraging measures known as 'StockQuakes' which quantify shifts in multidimensional stock data.

Each trading day's open and close prices determine if the StockQuake is UP or DOWN. The sizes of StockQuakes, that is, small, medium, large, or huge, represent the extent of the changes in the stock data.

At the end of each trading day, subscribers receive a newsletter detailing 'StockQuakes Daily Top 10 Up and Down Average Index Charts', 'StockQuakes Daily Top 10 Up and Down Stocks Charts', and 'StockQuakes Daily Top 100 Up and Down Stocks Table Reports'.

These reports and charts, delivered daily via its newsletter, provide users with insights on noteworthy changes in the stock market, hence assisting in making informed trading decisions.

StockQuakes presents a valuable tool for both progressing and experienced investors, focusing on 'Do Your Own Research' strategy. The service offers different subscription models to meet varying needs, including a free forever, monthly and annual plan.


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StockQuakes was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 28th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes 5000+ stocks daily
Proprietary analysis algorithms
Differentiates StockQuake sizes
Daily Top 10 reports
Detailed daily newsletter
Valuable for all investors
Promotes user research
Multiple subscription models
Free option available
Daily Up and Down Index
Offers Average Index Charts
Detailed Stock Charts
Top 100 Report provided
Detailed reports in PDF
StockQuakes quantifying changes
Identifies Up or Down trends
Categorizes based on price changes
Top 10 Down Stocks Chart
Top 10 Up Stocks Chart
1500+ Daily newsletter subscribers
Monthly and Annual Plans
Newsletter sent via email daily
Open and close price analysis
Can influence trading decisions


No real-time data
Only analyses U.S. stocks
Limited report types
No mobile app
No customization options
No API integration
Not suitable for beginners
May miss intraday stock movements
Email-only reports
No back-testing features


What does StockQuakes do?
How does StockQuakes use AI?
What does one StockQuake represent?
What are the different sizes of StockQuakes?
How many stocks does StockQuakes analyze daily?
What information is included in the StockQuakes daily newsletter?
Who is StockQuakes designed for?
What types of subscription plans does StockQuakes offer?
What are the StockQuakes Daily Top 10 Up and Down Average Index Charts?
What is the 'StockQuakes Daily Top 10 Up and Down Stocks Charts'?
What kind of information does 'StockQuakes Daily Top 100 Up and Down Stocks Table Reports' contain?
What can I expect in the StockQuakes free subscription model?
What additional features do I get in the StockQuakes monthly and annual plans?
How can StockQuakes help me in making my trading decisions?
What does the 'Do Your Own Research' strategy mean in StockQuakes?
How does StockQuakes determine if a StockQuake is UP or DOWN?
Who is in the StockQuakes team?
What is the StockQuakes algorithm based on?
How can I contact StockQuakes?
What do subscribers say about StockQuakes?

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