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Travelicious is designed to provide personalized travel guide services that re-orient the conventional approach to city exploration. It leverages artificial intelligence to craft tailored city itineraries based on user inputs like travel preferences, destination, budget, timeline, and interests thereby offering a unique and customized travel experience for each user.

Beyond standard points of interest, the platform is dedicated to unearthing local charms and culinary delights that otherwise may go unnoticed. Users commence the journey with sharing their travel destination and the dates they are available.

This is succeeded by choosing their budget preference and an array of travel interests, this data is then processed by the platforms AI component. The application subsequently generates a comprehensive, personalized city guide that includes recommended places to visit, dine, and explore.

The guide comes complete with an interactive map for easy navigation. Travelicious fosters a user-friendly interface, transforming the way cities are experienced by integrating AI with personal travel preferences to recommend individually curated journeys.


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Pros and Cons


Tailored city itineraries
Based on user inputs
Customized travel experience
Recommends local charms
Recommends culinary delights
Interactive map
User-friendly interface
Recommend individually curated journeys
Choose your own budget
Unveils hidden city gems
Shares recommended places to visit
Share your travel preferences
Selection of own destination
Budget preference integration
Comprehensive city guide
Includes dining recommendations
Option to add travel date
Easy navigation feature
Foreign city exploration
Local establishments disclosure
Destination selection options
Promotes unvisited tourist spots
Culinary interests consideration
Detailed travel preferences options
Plan trips your way
Experience cities your way


No offline access
No multi-city itineraries
No user reviews system
Limited city selection
No live support
No multi-language options
Doesn't integrate booking services
No social share feature
No app version available
No accessibility options


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