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Prompt Octopus is an AI-based tool that facilitates side-by-side prompt engineering, allowing users to compare multiple prompt responses simultaneously.

It seamlessly integrates with the OpenAI API. For privacy and security, API keys are stored locally keeping the data secure. Users also have the option to conveniently clear these keys from the cache through the settings dropdown.

Furthermore, there are controls for adjusting the textbox height according to the user preference. Notably, the tool provides flexibility in model selection with options to change the current model.

The history of all the prompt responses can be accessed at any time by clicking the 'View History' button. Prompt Octopus also supports the option for self-hosting on Github, giving users more control over their deployments.

For ease of use, it offers several keyboard shortcuts, including commands for adding a column, adding a row, viewing history, and changing textbox height.

Simply enter your desired prompts, submit and the tool generates API responses that appear directly in the interface. Refresh function is available for users to add a new key.

This tool is useful for AI developers, analysts, and enthusiasts who are interested in experimenting with different prompts and AI responses.


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Prompt Octopus was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 2nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Side-by-side prompt comparison
Local API key storage
Option to clear API keys
User-adjustable textbox height
Several model selection options
Access to response history
Self-hosting on Github support
Numerous keyboard shortcuts
Prompt submission, response display
Refresh for new API key
Multiple prompt tests simultaneously
User preference controls
Security with local data
Ease of use commands


Local API key storage
Limited model selection
Dependency on Github for self-hosting
Textbox height adjustments needed
Potential cache clear confusion
History stored indefinitely
Limited keyboard shortcuts

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