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macOS assistant for automated tasks.
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BoltAI is a native macOS ChatGPT client that allows entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, students, and anyone else to integrate AI assistance into their daily tasks.

It is designed to enhance productivity across a wide range of professions, from writing and development to management and entrepreneurship.

BoltAI provides access to OpenAI's GPT to offer AI suggestions as users work on tasks, be it emails, reports, coding, or idea generation.

BoltAI has a range of use cases, including developers, content creators and marketers, students, and everyone who wishes to use AI assistance.

BoltAI is highly customizable, allowing users to create their custom AI assistants, tailoring the AI's behavior to suit specific tasks or roles. Besides, it comes with a prompt library that users can leverage to make the most out of AI assistance.

BoltAI is also secure and privacy-focused as it stores the key securely in the Apple Keychain and features automatic redaction of sensitive data, ensuring user privacy and peace of mind.

BoltAI is a fast and powerful native macOS app, unlike many other bulky Electron-based apps, and also offers a full chat experience.

Finally, BoltAI offers a range of pricing plans, and users can purchase a one-time license that includes one year of free updates.

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BoltAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 26th 2023.

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Apr 22, 2024
Rated it
I use Bolt every day as my main GPT client. Easier to use than ChatGPT, Daniel has made a great app here 👏 He's also very receptive to feedback, and has taken some of my ideas and bug reports on board 👍 Keep up the good work! Recommended ⭐

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Pros and Cons


Native macOS App
Enhances productivity
Can automate tasks
Prompt library feature
Secure and privacy-focused
Key storage in Apple Keychain
Sensitive data redaction
One-time license purchase
Variety of pricing plans
Fast and powerful app
Full chat experience
Supports a range of professional needs
Versatile with wide use cases
Seamless workflow integration
Direct integration in macOS apps
Helps generate high-quality content
Accelerates content writing
Helps students learn faster
Option to customize keyboard shortcuts
No in-app analytics
No context switching needed
Features Stable Diffusion support
Online guides and resources
Potential for future platform expansion
No account creation required
API key setup for initialization
Risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee
Supports all macOS 12+ devices
Perpetual license for software
One-year free updates with license
Teams plan available
High user satisfaction
Built-in data detection for privacy
Tool for quick idea generation
Enhances management efficiency
Boosts creativity in content creation
Flexible for professional and creative contexts
Continuous performance with stable internet
Integrates with favorite tools
User input not stored
Easy license unlinking for device change


Exclusive to macOS
Internet connection dependent
One year update limit
Limited to text-based tasks
No free trial
No in-app analytics


What is BoltAI?
How does BoltAI integrate with macOS?
Is BoltAI suitable for non-developers?
What tasks can BoltAI assist with?
How customizable is BoltAI?
How does BoltAI ensure user privacy and security?
What's different about BoltAI being a native macOS app?
How does BoltAI's pricing work?
Does BoltAI have a one-time purchase option?
Do I need my own API key to use BoltAI?
Can BoltAI be used in offline mode?
Can BoltAI be used for both writing and coding tasks?
Is BoltAI compatible with all applications in macOS?
Does BoltAI offer a full chat experience?
Can BoltAI be integrated into my workflow?
What makes BoltAI different from other AI assistants?
What is BoltAI's prompt library and how can I use it?
In what ways can I customize BoltAI to suit my needs?
How secure is the data I input into BoltAI?
Is there any specific language I need to use to interact with BoltAI?

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