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PDF document analysis & extraction for professionals
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What if the long report you’ve been going over could talk? What if you could just type in some questions and it could give you the answer right away, without having to read (or re-read) it top to bottom? PDF Pals app does exactly that.

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PDF Pals features

1. Interact with your PDFs

Get insights from your PDFs without uploading the files — the app’s OCR engine processes the text and AI analyzes it locally. Get answers quickly and save time!

2. Get answers with citations

Know exactly where the answers are coming from as PDF Pals provides you with not just the answers to your questions but also cites the sources for said answers from your documents.

3. Chat with multiple PDFs

Sometimes you need to research a broader topic and just one PDF is not enough. In PDF Pals, you can chat with multiple PDFs at once and get your answers quicker!

4. Chat with multiple documents.

Your PDFs stay on your Mac, no uploads are required. Additionally, the app automatically redacts the sensitive information it detects in your files. There is no in-app analytics either.

5. Customize your chat

You can customize your experience in PDF Pals — pick response temperature, AI chat model, change response language, use markdown, and more.

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Sep 5, 2023
Very useful for my work!
Aug 13, 2023
Looks awesome, nice work Daniel

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Pros and Cons


Native macOS application
No upload or file size limit
Powerful OCR engine
Handles scanned PDFs
Handles complex forms
Documents stay local
No cloud database
Bring your own API key
Supports multiple API providers
Simple pay-once pricing model
No subscription required
Data stored locally
SQLite databases for training data
No middle servers
No in-app analytics
Data backup being easy
Single license can be used on multiple devices
Provides research tools for academics
Caters to legal associates for document review
Aids consultants in document processing
Helps financial analysts with data extraction
Instantly usable after download
Developers actively engage with users
Positive user-feedback
Flexible API options
Multiple use-case catered
UI is user friendly
Data privacy is respected
Financial insight extraction tools
Supports multi-PDFs
Fast and efficient
Local indexing of data


No Windows or Linux support
Doesn't support languages apart from English
Incompatibility with other document types
One Time Purchase, only one-year updates
No team plan license
No GPT-4 usage
Can't use with ChatGPT Plus subscription
Not suitable for large files
Inability to extract tables


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How can financial analysts use PDF Pals?
What sets PDF Pals apart from other PDF chatting applications?
Is there a file size limit when using PDF Pals?
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What is the pricing model for PDF Pals?
Is PDF Pals available for Windows or Linux?
How does the license work for PDF Pals?
Can I use PDF Pals without an OpenAI API key?
What are the system requirements to use PDF Pals?
Can I communicate in a language other than English on PDF Pals?
How does PDF Pals ensure user privacy?

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