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Automatically removes video background without editing.
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Unscreen is an AI-powered tool for automatically removing the background from videos and GIFs. The tool is simple to use and requires no manual editing or chroma keying.

Unscreen works with a variety of video formats, including .mp4, .webm, .ogg, .ogv, .mov, and .gif. Users can upload their clip or search for a GIF, and Unscreen will provide a high-quality background-free video result.

Unscreen also offers a Pro Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, enabling users to upload a zip file directly to their video editing software.

Unscreen is backed by AI technology, offering an incredibly accurate result and eliminating the need for manual masking, color selection, and path movement.

The tool has been featured in top-tier publications such as TechCrunch, The Next Web, and Futurezone, and is regularly praised by users for its accuracy and ease of use.

Unscreen Pro offers additional features, including full HD resolution, no watermark, full length clips, video file download, and audio support.


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Jan 17, 2024
I shot talent on a portable green screen (creased), and was still able to pull a satisfactory key. Note: when talent wears clothing in a shade of green shot against a green screen, results will vary. Unscreen maintains skin tone nicely, and I like the integration with editing software when using Unscreen Pro service. It's a time saver, for sure.

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Unscreen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple video formats
User-friendly interface
No manual editing
Excellent accuracy
Pro Plugin for Adobe
Direct upload to video editors
High resolution videos
No watermark with Pro
Full length clip editing
Video file downloading
Audio support
Background-free results
Eliminates manual masking
Eliminates color selection
Eliminates path movements
Built-in GIF search
Paste video or URL feature
Positive user feedback
Multiple use cases
Regular feature updates
Online and free
API available


Creation limited to video
Pro features not free
Only certain video formats supported
Quality reliant on original video
Need account for use
Pro Plugin only for Adobe softwares
Full length clips only in Pro
No manual editing option
Cannot process multiple files at once


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Do I have to manually edit the video before using Unscreen?
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What is the technology behind Unscreen?
What additional features does Unscreen Pro offer?
How do I upload my clip on Unscreen?
Is there a watermark on the videos processed by Unscreen?
Can I use Unscreen with my mobile device?
How accurate is Unscreen in removing backgrounds from videos?
Does Unscreen support HD resolution?
Can I download the video file after it's processed by Unscreen?
How can I get rid of the background in a video with a single click using Unscreen?
Does Unscreen offer audio support in the processed videos?
Where can I provide feedback or ask queries about Unscreen?
Can I trust the privacy policy of Unscreen?
How can I create an account on Unscreen?
What are the payment options for Unscreen Pro?


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