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Your AI copilot for Mac, offering instant access to ChatGPT, voice-to-text, and quick AI actions.
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FridayGPT is a native macOS application that offers a quick and convenient channel for harnessing the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT. The main feature of this tool is providing instant access to ChatGPT from any website or application on a macOS operating system, eliminating the need for multiple tabs and context switching.

Additionally, FridayGPT encompasses a voice-to-text capability powered by OpenAI that allows for transcription and multiple language translation with exceptional punctuation and spelling accuracy.

Another key feature is its ability to intelligently fix grammar, rewrite text, format, and carry out custom AI actions, enhancing the linguistic quality of any text in use within its operating environment.

This tool is designed for users who want to optimize their writing process including grammar corrections, sentence restructuring, and dictation. Notably, FridayGPT leverages different models of the GPT series depending on the task at hand, and even offers image generation through DALLE 3 based on provided textual descriptions.

Note that to use FridayGPT, users need their own OpenAI API key, and it is a one-time purchase with lifetime updates.


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FridayGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 25th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Native macOS application
Instant access to ChatGPT
One-time purchase with lifetime updates
Grammar correction and sentence restructuring
Voice-to-text capability
Built-in multiple language translation
Exceptional punctuation and spelling accuracy
Ability to rewrite and format text
Dynamic usage of GPT series models
DALLE-3 Image generation from text
Designed for writing process optimization
Prompts usable on the fly
Automated grammar and spelling checks
No need for coding skills
Integrates with any website or app
Provides access to GPT-4 models
Offers context switch-free operations
Translates and transcribes in 100+ languages
Supports both Intel and Apple silicon Macs
Hands-free functionality through dictation
Quick application actions via keyboard shortcuts
Secure, personal info doesn't touch servers
Quality support via priority email
Constant active development and new features


Only for macOS
No multi-user support
No integration with external apps
Image generation only DALL·E 3
No mobile version
Manual updates
Limited language support
Doesn't support all GPT models


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How does FridayGPT handle grammar correction?
Can FridayGPT perform sentence restructuring?
Does FridayGPT offer an image generation feature?
How does FridayGPT enhance the linguistic quality of a text?
What kind of custom AI actions can I perform with FridayGPT?
How does FridayGPT help in context switching?
Is FridayGPT application a one-time purchase or a subscription service?
What are the requirements to use FridayGPT?
Can FridayGPT work with multiple tabs on a macOS?
How does the dictation feature in FridayGPT work?
Does FridayGPT support text rewriting and formatting?
What kind of updates will I get with FridayGPT?


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