Database Q&A 2023-01-13
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Natural language database querying.
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TableTalk is an AI-powered database tool that enables users to interact with their database as if they were talking to a human. It utilizes natural language processing to interpret user queries and generate answers.

The interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to quickly join tables, write SQL queries, and get the information they need.

TableTalk is currently in beta, but is backed by YCombinator, and will be available to the public in 2023. It supports a variety of databases, and offers a variety of pricing plans.

TableTalk also offers a Discord community and waitlist for those who want to stay informed about updates and get help with their queries.


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TableTalk was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Natural language database querying
Intuitive interface
Quick table joining
Easy SQL queries
Backed by YCombinator
Supports various databases
Variety of pricing plans
Discord community for support
Waitlist for updates
Doesn't store data on servers


Currently in beta
Release date in 2023
Potential unsupported databases
Unknown security measures
No information on API
Limited help resources
Joining waitlist necessary
Data storage not clarified
Pricing not specified


What is TableTalk?
How does TableTalk work?
What features does TableTalk offer?
Which databases does TableTalk support?
Is there pricing information available for TableTalk?
How can I sign up for the TableTalk waitlist?
Who is TableTalk targeting as primary users?
What is the beta phase of TableTalk?
What are the advantages of using TableTalk?
Can TableTalk assist with SQL queries?
Is TableTalk user-friendly?
How can I interact with TableTalk?
When will TableTalk be publicly available?
Who is backing TableTalk's development?
Where can I get more updates about TableTalk?
Is there a demo version available for TableTalk?
Does TableTalk offer a Discord community?
How does TableTalk use artificial intelligence in database management?
Does TableTalk store my data on their servers?
How can I learn more about the TableTalk team?


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