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Aide is an AI-powered modification of Visual Studio Code (VSCode) designed to assist developers in writing code. It offers intelligent, context-aware code completions by not just referencing the active files but also by integrating with the Language Server to utilise related code across multiple languages.

This allows developers to code more efficiently and effectively.Another notable feature is Aide's built-in chat function, which can be invoked at any time to ask questions or refer to specific code symbols or files.

This creates the experience of having a coding partner, improving productivity and problem-solving. In terms of data security, Aide is built to run completely on the user's machine, without any intermediate servers between the IDE and the language model.

This ensures that the user's code never leaves their local environment, which may be a significant advantage for projects handling sensitive data.Furthermore, Aide is dedicated to the Open Source community.

It allows users to choose their infra provider and AI model, integrate their API key, and start coding. All model queries are stored locally, giving users complete control over their data.

Aide also supports the Open Source AI models and encourages their fine-tuning.Significantly, Aide is built on top of VSCode, which means all VSCode settings, keybindings, and extensions will be compatible and easily imported.

This makes the transition smoother for developers already familiar with VSCode. It creates an AI-native editor experience that blends familiar features with innovative additions.


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Pros and Cons


Intelligent, Context-aware code completions
Integrated Language Server
Built-in chat function
Coding partner experience
Total local data security
Supports Open Source community
Flexible infra provider choices
Local API integration
Local query storage and control
Easy VSCode transition
VSCode settings compatible
VSCode keybindings compatible
VSCode extensions compatible
Modification of VSCode
Coding efficiency and effectiveness enhancement
SQLite database for queries
Easily import VSCode settings
Offline functionality
Support for model fine-tuning


Requires infra provider selection
Requires API key integration
Local data storage only
Reliance on VSCode compatibility
No intermediate server support
Requires familiarization with chat function
Migration from VSCode necessary
Code completion dependent on Language Server


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Does Aide support fine-tuning of Open Source AI models?
Is Aide compatible with my existing VSCode settings and extensions?
What advantages does Aide have over a standard VSCode setup?
What platforms is Aide available on?
How can I import my settings and keybindings from VSCode to Aide?
How is Aide a part of an AI-native editor experience?
How can I ask questions or refer to specific code symbols or files using Aide's chat function?
How does Aide ensure it never sees my code?
How can I choose my infra provider and AI model with Aide?
Where does Aide store all model queries?
How does Aide create an experience of having a coding partner?
Can Aide assist with writing code in multiple languages?

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