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Enhance your coding with AI-powered tools.
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AI Smart Coder is an intelligence-enhanced extension designed for Visual Studio Code. It acts as a smart coding companion powered by ChatGPT, aimed at enhancing the overall programming experience.

The extension boasts a variety of advanced features that include AI-generated unit tests, detailed code reviews, automatic code documentation, and intelligent error fix suggestions.

The unit tests can be generated effortlessly by selecting a portion of code, upon which SmartCoder uses its capabilities to create a pertinent unit test.

The extension also assists in adding comments to the selected code which helps in generating descriptive documentation. SmartCoder provides error fix suggestions that can be used when programmers encounter errors, offering intelligent recommendations for code enhancement.

Interaction with ChatGPT for assistance and commands to install the SmartCoder extension in Visual Studio Code are available through the command palette (Ctrl+Shift+P or Cmd+Shift+P on macOS).

Visual Studio Code installation is a requirement for using this extension.


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Pros and Cons


Visual Studio Code extension
ChatGPT-powered coding assistance
Automated code reviews
Automated code documentation
Intelligent error fix suggestions
Simplifies code documentation
Enhanced programming experience
Interactive commands execution
Easy code selection
Compatible with macOS
Easily configurable API key
Ability to seek assistance
Generates tests from selections
Adds comments to code
Supports error fix improvements
MIT License
Automated comment addition
Streamlined coding workflow
Integration with ChatGPT
Efficient command palette access


Limited to Visual Studio Code
Requires ChatGPT API key
Command palette necessary for interaction
No inbuilt API setup
Code Selection required for functions
No offline usage
Dependent on ChatGPT's language understanding


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What commands can be executed in AI Smart Coder through the command palette?
Is Visual Studio Code installation necessary for using AI Smart Coder?
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How can AI Smart Coder help in adding comments to my code?
What type of assistance does AI Smart Coder provide for coding queries?
Can AI Smart Coder generate comprehensive code reviews?
How does AI Smart Coder create descriptive documentation for my code?
How does AI Smart Coder assist in fixing coding errors?
What is required to set up and configure the ChatGPT API key in AI Smart Coder?
Can AI Smart Coder significantly enhance my coding workflow?

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