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Enhance photo quality and remove backgrounds with AI.
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Leawo PhotoIns is a powerful and user-friendly photo editor powered by artificial intelligence. The tool can be used to automatically enhance the quality of a batch of photos, making it a great solution for users looking to improve numerous images at once.

With its AI Photo Enhancer, the software is capable of intelligently analyzing and improving different aspects of a photo, from the exposure to color balance.

Additionally, the Smart Photo BG Remover feature allows users to easily remove or change the background of their photos with just a few clicks. This versatile tool also includes a photo enlargement function, which can increase photos by up to 40X with no perceivable loss in quality.

It is capable of processing photos in both batch and individual modes, providing users with a great deal of flexibility. Users have the choice of utilizing automated enhancing and editing functions for quick fixes or manually adjusting photos for more tailored results.


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Pros and Cons


Batch photo enhancement
Intelligent analysis of photos
Exposure and color adjustment
Smart Photo BG Remover feature
Easily remove or change backgrounds
Photo enlargement up to 40X
Batch and individual processing modes
Automated editing option
Manual editing option
No perceivable quality loss
Versatile editing tool
Quick fix editing functions
Tailored results through manual adjustments
User-friendly interface
Supports professional photo-editing software
Accurate object edge cutting
Noise reduction
Clarity enhancement
Photo effects adjustable
Bulk processing of photos
Time-saving batch processing
Improves picture resolution
Reduces visual artifacts
Fixes pixelated images
Reduces grainy images
High compatibility


No mobile version
Limited editing tools
No multi-platform support
No free version
No RAW support
No plugin compatibility
Limited photo enlargement
No cloud integration
No collaborative features
No customizable interface


What is Leawo PhotoIns?
What are the capabilities of Leawo PhotoIns?
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Can Leawo PhotoIns improve the color balance of my photos?
What is the Smart Photo BG Remover feature of Leawo PhotoIns?
How can Leawo PhotoIns enhance a batch of photos automatically?
Is it possible to enlarge photos using Leawo PhotoIns without loss of quality?
How does the batch processing mode of Leawo PhotoIns work?
Can I manually adjust photos using Leawo PhotoIns?
Does Leawo PhotoIns offer any photo editing features?
How does the color correction function of Leawo PhotoIns work?
How can I use Leawo PhotoIns to adjust the exposure of my photos?
Is Leawo PhotoIns easy to use for beginners?
What types of photos can I process using Leawo PhotoIns?
Can I use Leawo PhotoIns to remove backgrounds from my photos?
Are there any special promotions or offers available for Leawo PhotoIns?
What are the system requirements for running Leawo PhotoIns?
Can I use Leawo PhotoIns on a Mac?
What is the maximum photo enlargement available in Leawo PhotoIns?
Are there any tutorials or guides available to learn how to use Leawo PhotoIns?

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