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No-Code AI Workflows and Agents for Seamless Business Automation
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ReliveAI is a platform built to aid in the creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) workflows and agents without needing code. This tool serves to simplify the process of building AI-powered workflows, thus enabling rapid business process automation with an eye-catching and user-friendly interface.

ReliveAI offers prebuilt AI agents that can transform business operations, adding to its suite of solutions aimed at optimizing workflows. These AI agents are customizable and data-driven, thereby improving decision-making by tapping into the full potential of data.

This platform also offers seamless integration capabilities with multiple AI models, including those from industry giants like Google, OpenAI, and Anthropic amongst others.

Specific features of ReliveAI include enhancing Salesforce through advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP), translating natural language into SQL queries for MySQL and PostgreSQL, a special workflow system called 'Agentic Workflows', AI-driven email automation for Gmail, and integration with applications such as Notion, Slack, and Google Drive.

Rephrased, this platform provides a comprehensive AI experience, geared towards enhancing productivity and data-driven operations.

ReliveAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 15th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


User-Friendly Interface
Advanced NLP for Salesforce
SQL Queries for MySQL and PostgreSQL
Agentic Workflows
Notion Integration
Slack Integration
Google Drive Integration
Data-Driven Workflows
Effortless Language Translation
Rapid Business Process Automation
Productivity Enhancement
Data-Driven Operations
Streamlined Operations
Optimized Processes
Robust Platform
Versatile Application Integration
Operation Transformation
Improved Decision Making
Workflow Customization
Unlocking Data Potential
Enhanced Workflow Optimization
Gmail Automation for Email Summarization
Slack Webhook Integration
Google Drive as Data Source


No-code may limit customization
Limited database interactions (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
Restricted to certain integrations
Dependent on third-party models
Might not support all Salesforce features
Lacks multi-language support
Might not support all email providers
No offline mode

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