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Fastest way to build your website without any coding.
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WeBuilda is a micro SaaS tool designed to facilitate the creation and management of websites using AI and pre-made templates. With its drag-and-drop functionality, individuals with no technical background can construct professional-looking websites.

It offers a range of customization options, allowing users to modify colors, fonts, layouts, and add their own content and images. Beyond that, WeBuilda is designed to serve different website types, including blog sites, business sites, and e-commerce sites.

Highlighting user-friendliness, WeBuilda has an intuitive interface and tools that simplify website building and maintenance. Features include pre-made templates, custom domain linking, OpenAI integration for content generation, FTP server exporting, custom CSS/JS code addition, and an innovative drag-and-drop website builder.

WeBuilda is developed for various user categories, including marketers, editors, founders, and designers, offering each demographic specific tools and components to build and manage websites.

It provides an efficient, cost-effective solution to manual website programming and content updating.


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Pros and Cons


Drag-and-drop functionality
Pre-made templates
Wide range customization
No technical background required
Suitable for various website types
Intuitive interface
Custom domain linking
FTP server exporting
Custom CSS/JS code addition
Specific tools for various users
Cost-effective solution
No coding required
Built for multiple demographics
Fastest website building tool
Beneficial for marketers, editors, founders, designers
Streamlined communication
Fast project completion
High-quality websites
Integration of powerful tools
Generates website copy quickly
Pre-designed templates
Customizable designs
Free trial available
Flexible pricing for every team size
No uptime monitoring
No paid plugins/addons required
No project management needed
Can be hosted or exported
Content customization


No hosting services provided
Limited storage in basic plan
No custom domain in free trial
Paid plan needed for unlimited features
FTP server export not free
No Freemium version
Limited sites in free trial
Limited workspaces in basic plan
Limited Website export to FTP


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Can I use WeBuilda for e-commerce sites?
What specific tools does WeBuilda offer for marketers, editors, and designers?
How does WeBuilda help in maintaining a website?
Can I link my own custom domain to a website built with WeBuilda?
What is OpenAI Integration in WeBuilda and how does it help in content generation?
What options does WeBuilda offer for FTP server exporting?
Can I add custom CSS/JS code with WeBuilda?
Who are the main targets of WeBuilda?
What is the cost of using WeBuilda?
Are there any trial plans for using WeBuilda?
Can I expect technical support from WeBuilda?
How does the AI component of WeBuilda assist in website creation?
Does WeBuilda offer any templates? If yes, then how can I use them?
Is there a community of WeBuilda users that I can join?
Can I export the website I created with WeBuilda and import it to another platform?

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