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Redesign your interior in seconds using AI.
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RoomDog is an AI-powered tool designed to assist in interior design. This tool uses artificial intelligence to provide new design ideas for real estate listings and personal projects.

By taking a photo of the current interior, RoomDog can rapidly redesign spaces with elements from a range of styles, such as Modern, Minimalist, and Contemporary.

Aside from transformations based on existing interiors, RoomDog also has the ability to transform raw sketches into photorealistic renders. Users sketch their design concept, upload it and receive a realistic image depicting the design as it would appear in real life.

These high-resolution renders can be excellent for presentation to clients, aiding them in visualizing the proposed design more effectively. Another key feature of the tool is its virtual staging ability, providing a cost-effective alternative to physical staging of homes for real estate listings.

Finally, RoomDog offers a wide array of pre-set design styles for user convenience, eliminating a need to write prompts or set parameters. All styles are included in the user's membership, allowing experimentation with multiple design options.


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RoomDog was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Quick redesigns of spaces
Transforms photos into designs
Turns sketches into renders
High-resolution rendering
Virtual staging of homes
Presets of design styles
User-friendly, no prompts needed
Styles included in membership
Allows multiple design experimentations
Supports high-resolution image generation
Suitable for real estate listings
Aids in home improvement
Choice of various interior styles
Redesign from laptop or phone
Cost-effective alternative to designers
Suitable for clients' presentations
Great for personal projects
Used for architecture visuals
Accommodates raw sketches
Effective for home staging
Covers contemporary styles
Also covers minimalist styles
Perfect for modern designs


Lack of customization beyond style
No mobile app
Requires high quality images
Dependent on style presets
Limited to existing interior styles
No real-time virtual staging
Requires membership for design styles
Sketch-to-render may be inaccurate
Serious redesigns require sketches
No multi-room design feature


What is RoomDog?
How does RoomDog use AI for interior design?
How can RoomDog transform a photo of my current interior?
What styles does RoomDog support in the redesign?
Can I get a photorealistic render from a sketch using RoomDog?
How does the virtual staging feature of RoomDog work?
How cost-effective is RoomDog compared to physical staging of homes?
What are the preset design styles offered by RoomDog?
With the RoomDog membership, can I experiment with all the design options?
How does RoomDog help with redesigning interiors for real estate listings?
What does a typical user need to do to start using RoomDog?
How can RoomDog assist a user in presenting designs to clients?
What is the quality of the renders produced by RoomDog?
How does RoomDog compare to other AI image generators in terms of photorealism?
How fast can RoomDog produce a redesign from a photo or sketch?
How detailed are the designs produced by RoomDog?
How can RoomDog help with home improvement or home decor projects?
How can RoomDog support professionals in the architecture or interior design industry?
Do I need any specific technical skills to use RoomDog?
Can I use RoomDog to explore different modern, minimalist, or contemporary designs for my home?

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