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AI Meeting Assistant built for Project Management
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Transform the way you manage meetings and projects with TMate, the only AI Meeting Assistant tailored for dynamic project management.

TMate is an AI Meeting Assistant designed to alleviate the challenges faced by busy project managers, consultants, and product managers, transforming back-to-back meetings into organized, clear actions at the end of the day.

Key Features:

- AI-Enhanced Transcripts and Summaries: Say goodbye to hours of meeting reviews. TMate's cutting-edge AI swiftly transcribes and summarizes your meetings, turning hour-long discussions into digestible highlights and actionable insights.
- Project-Focused Organization: Introducing the 'Project' feature - a robust tool that groups your meetings by projects or clients. This intelligent system not only organizes your meetings but also generates a customizable dashboard, tracking vital project elements like decisions, action items, and evolving requirements.
- Cross-Meeting Analytics: Stay ahead with TMate's cross-meeting tracking. Monitor project milestones, feedback, and trends across all your meetings, ensuring you never miss a beat.
- Real-Time Alerts and Insights: Keep your finger on the pulse with real-time notifications and AI-discovered insights, tailored to your project's needs.
- Strategic Decision-Making Support: Harness the power of conversation intelligence for strategic planning. TMate's Knowledge Repository & AskAI feature allows you to query your meeting data and brainstorm, fostering informed decision-making and innovative strategies.


- Increased Efficiency: Streamline your post-meeting workflow, reducing the time spent on meeting reviews and documentation.
- Enhanced Collaboration: Ensure your team stays aligned with shared insights and updated project statuses, fostering a collaborative environment.
- Informed Decision Making: Make decisions based on comprehensive data and insights gathered from every meeting.
- **Customized Tracking:** Tailor TMate to track what matters most to your project, from risk management to client feedback.

Ideal for:

- Project Managers, Product Managers, and Consultants seeking a sophisticated tool to streamline meeting management and extract valuable insights.
- Teams and Professionals in various domains, including sales, customer success, consulting, and more, who require efficient meeting documentation and actionable insights.

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