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Edit videos creatively with AI-powered Edimakor.
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HitPaw Edimakor is an advanced AI video editor designed to assist users in editing videos in an intuitive and innovative way. The tool provides an array of features, including video enhancement, object removal, watermark removal, and video conversion.

It also offers an AI Avatar tool, which can create unique avatars in videos. The core function of Edimakor is to provide users with an easy way to create professional-quality videos.

Beyond video editing, the platform offers a plethora of other tools, such as Photo AI and Audio AI which enable additional functionalities like image conversion, photo object removal, watermark removal on photos, and audio enhancement.

The AI Music Generator is another feature that allows users to create custom music for their projects. Also, the AI vocal remover and audio enhancer enhance the overall audio experience.

The tool is continually updated to incorporate new AI functionalities like the AI script generator, AI subtitle generator, and AI cutout. It can be a valuable tool for those in need of a comprehensive multimedia editing solution, offering everything from video, photo, to audio editing capabilities, all in one place.


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Jun 3, 2024
impossible to check, the website is unaccessible: antivirus warning interrupts conection

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Pros and Cons


Video enhancement feature
Object removal in videos
Watermark removal in videos
Video conversion feature
Continual updates adding new functionalities
Video, photo, and audio editing
Intuitive user experience
Comprehensive multimedia editing
Photo object removal
Watermark removal on photos
Audio enhancer
text to speech functionality
Speech to Text functionality
Video cutting feature
Text overlays on videos
Video coloring feature
Speed control of videos
Media library access
Sticker application
Filter application on videos
Effects application
Audio editor
Video rotation feature
Freeze frame feature
Video stabilization
Video cropping for social media
Screen recording feature
Voice changer feature
Animations inclusion
Image enhancer
Automated subtitle maker
Robust audio library
Flexible text modes
Video transitions feature
Video filter application
Video sticker application
Export for all social media
Mirror effect feature


No collaborative editing
No VR editing
No versioning
No 360-degree video editing
No multi-cam editing
No direct social media sharing
No storyboard mode
No cloud storage support
No direct screencasting
No Android or iOS Apps


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How efficient is HitPaw Edimakor in multimedia editing?

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