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Automate Video Editing with AI-Powered B-Roll, Captions, and Templates
Generated by ChatGPT is an intelligent video creation tool designed to automate a variety of editing tasks. The tool's primary features include automatic B-Roll generation, AI-powered captions, and customizable templates, all contributing to a simplified, streamlined video creation process.

With the automatic B-roll feature, users can enhance their videos with relevant supplemental footage, making content more engaging. AI-powered captions are generated with high accuracy, reducing the need for manual editing and transcription.

The tool offers a selection of templates that are immediately adjusted by the AI to suit individual videos. Over time, the tool's AI learns and adapts to users' editing style, taking into account preferences for things like font, color and pace.

This results in a personalized, automated editing experience that saves time and energy. also offers a range of pricing plans, accommodating users who vary in experience and video editing needs, from beginners to professional content creators.


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Pros and Cons


Automatic B-Roll generation
High accuracy captions
Customizable templates
Various pricing plans
Template adjustment per video
Font preference learning
Color preference learning
Pace preference learning
Accommodates various experience levels
Eye-catching templates
Captions in 150+ languages
Automated editing
User style adaptation
Range of editing tools
720p-4K video quality
5-150 videos/month plans
120-240 seconds duration plans
Advanced editing with plans
Collaboration tools in professional plan


Limited video length
May not support 4K
Limited number of videos
No clear collaboration tools
Limited template variety
Subscription-based pricing
No offline capability
Limited language support
No free version


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