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Improving Twitch streamers' speech output platform.
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TTSLabs is an AI text-to-speech service designed for Twitch streamers. It provides a dedicated desktop app which manages and plays back text-to-speech in real-time, with customizable features such as enabling custom voices, adding unique sound clips, and managing profanity filters to prevent inappropriate donations from appearing.

The service also allows viewers to check enabled alerts, voices, sound clips, and minimum values for text-to-speech. Text-to-speech processing is faster than real-time, generating 20 seconds of audio in less than 3 seconds.

The service can be synced with Streamlabs or StreamElements to control text-to-speech donations through the dashboard. Additionally, TTSLabs offers a wide range of unique voices created using speech synthesis to artificially produce human speech.TTSLabs is an efficient and customizable platform that allows Twitch streamers to enhance their text-to-speech experience with a range of features.

This service offers unique voices that can add to the creativity and entertainment value of a stream. With a dedicated desktop app, users can easily manage and customize all aspects of their text-to-speech.

The added feature of being able to manage profanity filters ensures that donations stay clean and appropriate. Overall, the TTSLabs platform offers a useful and value-added service that streamers can leverage in their content creation.


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TTSLabs was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Dedicated desktop app
Real-time TTS playback
Customizable voice options
Unique sound clips integration
Profanity filters management
Faster than real-time processing
Syncs with Streamlabs or StreamElements
Custom guide for viewers
Preserves donation appropriateness
Unique voices using speech synthesis
Enhances stream creativity
Facilitates clean content creation
Alerts, voices, clips enablement check
Minimum values setting for TTS


Limited to Twitch platform
Dedicated desktop app required
Sync limited to Streamlabs/StreamElements
No mobile support mentioned
Limited voice selection
Lacks neutral language filtering
No apparent multilingual support
Guidance limited to donations
Sound customizations likely limited
Assumed high system requirements


What is TTSLabs?
How can TTSLabs enhance my Twitch streams?
What customization options does TTSLabs offer for text-to-speech?
How does the TTSLabs desktop app work?
How quickly can TTSLabs generate audio from text?
Can TTSLabs be synced with Streamlabs or StreamElements?
What does the profanity filter feature do in TTSLabs?
Can viewers check the enabled alerts and sound clips in TTSLabs?
How many unique voices are available in TTSLabs?
Can I add my own sound clips to TTSLabs?
What is the audio processing speed of TTSLabs?
How does TTSLabs use speech synthesis to produce human speech?
What minimum values are available for text-to-speech in TTSLabs?
Can I control my text-to-speech donations through TTSLabs?
Where can I get a list of all voices currently available in TTSLabs?
Are there any preset levels of profanity filters in TTSLabs?
Does TTSLabs offer a guide for viewers?
How does TTSLabs manage playback of Text to Speech?
Is TTSLabs a service exclusively for Twitch streamers?
Where can I contact TTSLabs for more information?


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