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AI-assisted email writing for Gmail and Outlook.
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Email Whisperer is an AI email writer designed for Gmail and Outlook to enhance user email communication. It is accessible via a Chrome extension and contributes towards fostering a faster and efficient email writing experience.

The tool offers valuable features such as providing rephrasing suggestions, spell checking, and error fixing to improve the clarity, style, and professionalism of your emails.

It also allows users to set and remember their preferred tone for communication, offering flexibility to customize the tone as per the requirements of the email.

The AI tool can be trained on a user's website or PDF files to understand their business and write personalized emails, even learning to mimic the user's writing style for a more authentic communication style.

There are different scalable plans available catering to individuals, businesses, and professional teams, with features like unlimited daily emails, emails personalized to sound like you, responses in major languages, suggested replies, and the ability to train custom AI models for your business.

However, the specific features could depend on the chosen plan.


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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension for Gmail and Outlook
Rephrasing suggestions
Spell checking
Error fixing
Clarity, style, and professionalism improvement
Sets and remembers tone preferences
Customizable communication tone
Can train on user's content
Personalized emails
Mimics user's writing style
Scalable plans
Unlimited daily emails
Emails sound like user
Responses in major languages
Suggested replies
Affordable pricing tiers
Email summarization
Background-generated emails
Shared knowledge base
Early access to new features
Supports major languages
Length control for generated mails
Custom prompt additions
User-friendly interface
Email rewrite option
Tone variety for customization


Only compatible with Chrome
Training requires user's files
Dependent on email providers
No offline functionality
Limited reply languages
Features vary by plan
No free full features
No mentioned security features
May mimic undesired styles
Limited to Gmail, Outlook


What is Email Whisperer and how does it work?
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Are there any limitations on the number of daily emails with Email Whisperer?
How does Email Whisperer contribute to a faster and efficient email writing experience?
How does Email Whisperer correct spelling errors and improve grammar in my emails?
How does Email Whisperer help in personalizing my emails?
How can I customize the tone of communication in Email Whisperer?
What are the different plans available on Email Whisperer and what features do they offer?
Does the Email Whisperer work with Gmail and Outlook?
How can I train Email Whisperer using my website or PDF files?
What languages does the Email Whisperer support?
What makes Email Whisperer different from other email optimization tools?
Can I use Email Whisperer for both personal and professional communication?
Does Email Whisperer ensure error-free emails every time?
Can Email Whisperer improve the style of my emails?
What major languages does Email Whisperer respond in?
Can I set a default tone with Email Whisperer?
Can I train custom AI models for my business with Email Whisperer?

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