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Create videos from text with ease.
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Taleblocks is an online video creation tool designed for marketing professionals, content creators, and others who want to quickly and easily turn their text into compelling videos without any design skills.

The tool offers an intuitive text-first video editor that requires only a few minutes to create a video. It also includes a library of realistic AI voices that can be used to present the video.

AI is used to create scripts or summarize existing text and automatically match visuals with them. It offers access to a vast collection of professionally-designed templates that can be used for any type of content.

Additionally, there is a collection of predefined layouts that can be applied to one or all blocks simultaneously and edited in batch, as well as priority support.

The videos created with Taleblocks can be exported in high-quality, making them ready to share on social media or upload to a blog for an extra SEO boost.

Taleblocks offers two subscription options, Creator and Professional, as well as a one-time package that can be used anytime within a year of purchase.

Furthermore, it offers features such as an API to integrate the tool into other applications and share projects on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms with a few clicks without downloading.

Overall, Taleblocks is a user-friendly tool that simplifies the process of creating compelling videos from text-based content.


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Pros and Cons


Intuitive text-first video editor
HD export capability
Priority support
Video summarization feature
Public template library
Predefined layouts for editing
Batch editing feature
Integration API coming soon
Direct sharing to social media
SEO boost for blogs
Multiple subscription options
One-time package availability
Ability to share without downloading
Custom background music
Presets for common video sizes
Saved videos on platform
Fully online, no download required
Can handle up to 90-min videos


Limited export minutes
Subscription based model
No free export options
Custom templates not available
Full features not available in the 'Creator' plan
No real-time collaboration
Automation features pending
Lacks batch editing
Sharing feature not available yet
API integration not fully implemented


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Can I use my own text in Taleblocks to create videos?
What templates are available in Taleblocks?
What subscription packages does Taleblocks offer?
Do I need design skills to use Taleblocks?
How fast can I create a video with Taleblocks?
Can I share my Taleblocks projects on social media platforms directly?
How does the API integration work for Taleblocks?
What is the 'one time' package that Taleblocks offers?
How to use predefined layouts in Taleblocks?
Can I use Taleblocks to convert text into videos?
What are the limitations of the free edition of Taleblocks?
How does the priority support in Taleblocks work?
Can I save my videos in Taleblocks for future use?

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