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Transform and Convert any Text content to Voice Speech MP3 with AI in just a few seconds!
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TTS Generator AI is a free online text-to-speech tool designed to transform written text into natural, high-quality audio output. The tool leverages advanced AI technology for its transformation process, aiming to produce sound as close as possible to human speech.

Its primary user base consists of learners, researchers, and professionals who need to convert readable content into an accessible auditory format. This tool supports a variety of text formats, from simple text files to more complex PDFs, demonstrating its versatility.

TTS Generator AI is particularly useful for creating dubbing speeches for social media videos (including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram), generating audiobook content, advertising and marketing, as well as for educational and training purposes.

Users can select from an array of voice options for their audio output, providing a customized experience. Additionally, the tool offers multilingual support, with over 50 languages available for text-to-speech conversions.

For those seeking more advanced features, TTS Generator AI also provides a PRO version, which comes with additional benefits.


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Jun 28, 2024
I find this website to be very fake. I attempted to generate 500 characters, but it didn't let me do it, only allowed me to convert with one voice. I believe that https://play.cartesia.ai/ is much better, especially for English.

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Pros and Cons


Free to use
High-quality audio output
Human-like voice synthesis
Supports various text formats
Dubbing for social media videos
Audiobook content generation
Beneficial for educational purposes
Advantageous for training purposes
Customizable voice options
Supports 50+ languages
Professional version available
Instant text-to-speech transformation
Great for marketing/advertising
Adored by 30,000+ users
Ensures user privacy
No credit card required for free use
Muliple voices for selection
Generates speech for YouTube dubbing
Supports TikTok video dubbing
Aids in Instagram Reels creation
Ideal for education & training audio
Delivers advanced text-to-speech features
Possesses non-robotic voice quality
Pro version for premium voice speeches
Easy-to-use interface
Generates copyrightable audio for commercial use
Quality of responses trustable
Generated content is plagiarism-free
Generates audio even from complex PDFs
Assists auditory learning for students
Makes written content more accessible
Wide range of applications
Transform written content to voice speech MP3 formats
Creates advertising speeches


Limited voice options
Only online accessibility
No offline version
No API for integration
Limited free use
Subscription needed for more features
No Document Processing Abilities
Limited text formats support
Privacy concerns
Dependent on internet speed


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