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Automate repetitive tasks with AI.
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Cykel AI is an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) assistant designed to automate and manage repetitive tasks. It proactively acts on user instructions, making interactions with user interfaces, websites, or APIs based on command in natural language.

It aims to save significant time by undertaking routine work like copying and pasting data, sending personalised emails, auto-filling forms, or scouring the internet for information.

Once taught, Cykel AI performs these tasks on autopilot across numerous tools. This no-coding-required tool also stands out with its capacity to connect systems even without APIs.

It works universally, integrating with multiple favourite web apps and websites, essentially being a personal AI teammate available everywhere. Cykel AI is ideal for anyone seeking to automate their recurring digital tasks, irrespective of whether they are a global company, a small team, or solo-workers.

It delivers value across various fields such as sales & CRM, HR & recruitment, E-commerce, marketing, operations, project management, customer service, and finance.

It manages tasks by taking control of your browser, allowing users to store personal details and website-specific instructions for accelerated task completion.

By automating rote tasks, Cykel enables users to focus on task that really matter. It is currently only available for Chrome on desktop.


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Cykel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates repetitive tasks
Proactively acts on instructions
Understands natural language commands
Connects systems without APIs
Integrates with web apps
Universal application
Stores website-specific instructions
Manages browser tasks
Helpful in various fields
CRM integration
Email automation
Saves significant time
No coding required
Optimizes sales and CRM
Assists in HR & recruitment
Useful for E-commerce
Improves marketing efficiency
Automates data management
Bridges operations and project management
Enhances customer service
Assists in financial tasks
Chrome Extension available
Accelerates task completion
Allows task focus
Solo worker suitability
Small team adaptability
Useful for global companies


Only for Chrome
No mobile version
Takes control of browser
Requires teaching
Saves personal details
No direct API interaction
Might interfere with other extensions
No coding allowed
Depends on properly structured UI


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Who can benefit from using Cykel AI?
In what fields can Cykel AI be used?
How does Cykel AI manage tasks using my browser?
Can Cykel AI be used for data management?
Is there a version of Cykel AI for browsers other than Chrome?
Can I use it for checking and sending emails?
Does Cykel AI work on mobile devices?
How can it benefit my day-to-day digital tasks?
How does Cykel AI understand natural language commands?
How does Cykel AI integrate with my favourite web apps?
Can Cykel help with task automation in project management?
How does Cykel automate tasks in sales and CRM?
How can Cykel improve my productivity?
Can Cykel AI store my personal details?
How can Cykel AI be active everywhere I work?

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