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Quick video editing with music and subtitles.

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Wisecut is an online automatic video editing software platform that leverages AI and voice recognition to make video editing easier and faster. It helps you create short, impactful videos with music, subtitles, facial recognition, auto reframe, and more.

It also helps you save time by automatically cutting down silences in long pauses and automatically generating subtitles and translations. Moreover, Wisecut helps you make your videos engaging with background music that fits your video and automatically balancing your audio with AI audio ducking.

To make further edits, Wisecut provides a storyboard-based editing tool that does not require any video editing skills. It can also quickly transform long-format videos into shorts.

With Wisecut, users have reported saving up to 4 hours of editing time.

Wisecut was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Quick video editing
Adds music and subtitles
Features facial recognition
Auto reframes video
Automatically cuts silences
Generates subtitles and translations
Engaging background music addition
Automatically balances audio
Storyboard-based editing
Transforms long videos into shorts
Saves time on editing
Punch in and out feature
Improves video engagement
Automatically synchronizes music
No specific video editing skills needed
Automatic video size reduction
Generates transcribed storyboard
Easy scene movement
No complex timelines needed
Removal of awkward silences
Creates jump cuts
Allows monetization on YouTube
Auto-translation into other languages
Automatic audio level adjustments
Speech-dependent audio adjustments
User-friendly text and scene edit
Auto-create short, impactful content


Unclear accuracy of translations
No offline version
Facial recognition errors
Automatic music may mismatch
Limited storyboard editing features
Potential long processing time
Unclear support for high-resolution videos
Likely dependency on strong internet
Not much control over auto-edits
Unclear language support for subtitles


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What are some user experience stories with Wisecut?

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