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Sorts insights; uncovers new concepts.
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Tyles is a free knowledge management tool that helps users organize insights from multiple tabs and sources in a single document. It allows users to make highlights and save anything they find important, which can then be used as building blocks for generating ideas and discovering insights on a canvas.

Tyles is currently in beta version and available on Mac, Windows, and web, with plans for iOS and Android apps in the future. Data security is a top priority for Tyles, and users' data is kept secure and remains in their absolute ownership at all times.

The tool is currently in beta, and every user is onboarded personally to ensure a stellar experience with the tool. While Tyles does not currently work offline, there are plans to make it work offline in the future.

Users can also download their data and use them across ecosystems at any time, although this feature is not yet available in beta. The Tyles website offers tutorials for getting started, and users can reach out to the Tyles team if they have any particular questions.

Tyles has been loved by professionals and is seen as a tool that can help users build up their knowledge faster.


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Tyles was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


High data security
Personal onboarding
Planned offline functionality
Portable data plan
Future ios and android apps
Available on Mac, Windows, Web
Supports multiple tab notes
Insight organization
Highlighting feature
Knowledge building blocks
Idea generation
Insight discovery
User data ownership
Personalized experience
Tutorials available
Planned ecosystem integration
Not restricted by device


No offline mode
Beta version only
Individual onboarding could delay usage
Data not portable currently
No mobile apps yet
Requires multiple tabs
No data download feature


What type of information can Tyles sort and analyze?
Does Tyles offer any special features for knowledge management?
Can I use Tyles on both Windows and Mac?
Is there a plan for Tyles to have iOS and Android apps?
How does Tyles ensure users' data security?
Who owns the data I input into Tyles?
Is there any personal onboarding process for new Tyles users?
Are there plans for Tyles to work offline in the future?
Can I download my data from Tyles?
Who can I reach out to if I have questions about Tyles?
Are tutorials available for getting started with Tyles?
What kind of professionals use and love Tyles?
How can Tyles help me build up my knowledge faster?
What does Tyles concretely imply by organizing insights from multiple tabs and sources?
What do the 'terminals' and 'editors' in Tyles do?
How can my highlights be used as building blocks in Tyles?
How can I generate ideas and discover insights on Tyles?
When can I expect to receive my Tyles invite?
How can I join the waitlist for Tyles?
Is there a feature to use Tyles data across different ecosystems?

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