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Efficient and automated business task assistant.
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Hints AI Assistant is a powerful tool designed to help businesses save time and increase efficiency by automating mundane tasks. It works by allowing users to communicate with the Hintsbot like they would with a human colleague, enabling them to quickly add tasks, update statuses, and create tickets.

It seamlessly integrates with existing workflows, including CRM and Project Management Tools, and can be used to quickly capture data, add contacts, update company documents, and send meeting notes.

It's easy to get started, with a range of pricing plans and a community of users to provide support. Hints AI Assistant provides a simple and efficient way to help businesses stay organized and save time.


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Hints was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Efficient task automation
Business oriented
Mimics human interaction
Adds tasks quickly
Updates statuses easily
Ticket creation support
CRM integration
Project Management Tools integration
Data capturing function
Contact addition support
Document update ability
Meeting notes sending
Ease of setup
Diverse pricing plans
User community support
Promises daily time saving
To-Do list updating
Human-like chatbot communication
Task adding functionality
Company stage updating
Quick data capture
Ticket creation support
Objective setting function
Status update support
Meeting note dispatching
Daily note adding
File appending support
Contact adding functionality
Document update ability
Seamless workflow integration


Doesn't specify security measures
Integration compatibility not clear
No offline functionality
Unspecified update frequency
Cannot customize Hintsbot responses
No advanced communication skills
Limited language support
Requires constant internet connection
No dedicated support line
Unspecified data backup system


What is Hints AI Assistant?
How does Hints AI Assistant automate tasks for businesses?
What kinds of tasks can the Hintsbot handle for my business?
Is it easy to communicate with the Hintsbot?
How does Hints AI Assistant integrate with my current workflows?
What other tools and systems can Hints AI Assistant work with?
Can Hints AI Assistant help me capture data quicker?
How can Hints AI Assistant help me update my company documents?
Is there a feature to send meeting notes using Hints AI Assistant?
How do I get started with Hints AI Assistant?
What are the pricing plans for Hints AI Assistant?
Can I get support from the community of Hints AI Assistant users?
Will Hints AI Assistant work with my CRM and Project Management Tools?
Can Hints AI Assistant automate my company's document updates?
Can I schedule calls or meetings via Hints AI Assistant?
Can Hints AI Assistant send meeting notes from Zoom to Notion?
Does Hints AI Assistant offer an option for quick capture of data?
How does Hints AI Assistant help in organizing tasks and saving time?
Can Hints AI Assistant add tasks and track stats in Jira/Asana via Slack?
What is the method to request a demo of Hints AI Assistant?

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