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Pezzo is an open-source AI development toolkit that aims to simplify various aspects of AI development. It offers features such as prompt design, version management, publishing, collaboration, troubleshooting, and observability.

Pezzo's primary goal is to empower individuals and teams to harness the power of AI with maximum productivity and visibility.With Pezzo, users can manage their AI prompts and versions effortlessly, allowing for instant delivery of AI solutions.

The toolkit also provides capabilities for A/B testing, targeting, and experiments to increase conversion rates. Collaboration is encouraged, as any member of an organization can contribute to the impact of AI.Pezzo offers an opportunity to optimize spending on AI operations, potentially saving up to 50%.

Real-time trading, advanced charts, and saving accounts are some of the additional features that Pezzo provides to enhance the AI development experience.For troubleshooting purposes, Pezzo offers a full execution history, time-travel, and debugging features with real data.

Moreover, Pezzo enables users to deploy every AI change confidently by providing comprehensive test suites.The toolkit is open source, and users can show their support by giving it a star on GitHub.

Pezzo's cloud service is also launching soon, and users can sign up for early access.In conclusion, Pezzo is a comprehensive AI development toolkit that aims to simplify the AI development process, enhance collaboration, optimize spending, and provide troubleshooting capabilities for users.

Pezzo AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Prompt design capabilities
Version management
Publishing functionality
Collaboration capabilities
Troubleshooting features
Observability features
A/B testing capabilities
Targeting and experiment features
Real-time trading features
Lean deployments via cloud
Offers advanced charts
Saving account features
Full execution history
Time-travel debugging
Debugging with real data
Comprehensive test suites
Early access program
Upcoming cloud service
Potential 50% spending save
GitHub support


Cloud service not yet available
Early access requires sign-up
Limited troubleshooting features
Lack of detailed documentation
No clear indication of scalability
No explicit privacy/security details
Requires coding knowledge
Github interaction required
Deployment comes only with tests
Could lack third-party integrations


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Where can I find documentation on how to use Pezzo AI?
Is there customer support available for Pezzo AI users?
What measures does Pezzo AI take to ensure visibility during the AI development process?
How can I schedule a demo of Pezzo AI?


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