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Turn links and PDFs into Duolingo-like quizzes in seconds.
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Braincast is an AI-fueled platform designed to assist in learning and personal development. It offers users an interactive and innovative method to enhance their comprehension and retention of information.

The primary advantage of Braincast lies in its fundamental functionality of transforming textual content from links and PDFs into a gamified learning interface reminiscent of Duolingo-style quizzes.

This enables users to digest new information in a dynamic and engaging way that is believed to contribute to better and quicker learning. The application of AI in Braincast helps tailor the experience to the individual user's learning style and preferences, which can potentially increase the effectiveness of the learning process.

The platform accommodates a wide field of subjects, making it a versatile tool for various learning needs. The transformative use of AI technology in Braincast encapsulates its mission to create a space for minds to grow and learn by leveraging the advancing potential of AI.


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May 23, 2024
It keeps telling me to get an URL when I'm providing a PDF, maybe is a bug, but I've been trying for 30 min. for it to work
May 28, 2024
It is fixed, now pdfs are working

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Pros and Cons


Interactive learning interface
Turns text into quizzes
Gamified learning experience
Tailors to learning style
Accommodates wide subject field
Quick information digestion
Enhanced data comprehension
PDF conversion capability
User-friendly platform
Aids personal development
Dynamic learning method
Adaptable learning preferences
Duolingo-style quiz format
Innovative teaching approach
Versatile learning tool
Increases learning effectiveness
Better, faster learning
Learning personalization
Advanced learning techniques
Transforms links to quizzes
Improved comprehension, retention


Limited to text sources
Over-reliance on gamification
Potential misinterpretation of texts
No offline functionality
Lacks adaptive learning speed
No language translation options
May not suit all learning styles
Reliant on user-provided content
No community-driven content

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