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Summarize any content in seconds with AI.
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Saya is an AI tool designed to enhance efficiency and streamline learning by summarizing various forms of media such as podcasts, YouTube videos, and articles.

This versatile AI uses cutting-edge technology including GPT4 and Claude. Saya supports different file formats including PDFs, Word documents, and audio files, working well even with lengthy content, and can thus be used to summarize long books, reports, articles, clips, lectures, and more.

For research purposes, Saya employs 'Smarter Scientific Search' that allows users to search over research and medical papers from reliable sources. It also features 'News at Scale', accessing real-time news via an advanced search and monitoring platform.

Saya enriches answers for scaled research using web search. Users can also customize Saya as their AI learning companion, where summaries from YouTube videos to lecture recordings can be tailored to sync with their study flow.

Users can create a personal knowledge repository with Saya, uploading files, organizing them in collections, and even engaging in AI chats based on collection content.

This tool is particularly helpful for students and lifelong learners to optimally utilize their time and make knowledge pursuit more enjoyable and efficient.


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Saya was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 20th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes various media forms
Uses GPT4 and Claude
Supports multiple file formats
Handles lengthy content
Active scientific search feature
News monitoring system
Enriches research with web search
Can customize learning companion
Tailored study flow synchronization
Creates personal knowledge repository
Allows File upload
Supports file Organizing into collections
Suitable for lifelong learning
Suitable for students
Handles complex PDFs
Handles Word documents
Handles YouTube videos
Handles audio files
Concise summary generation
Access to research papers
Access to medical papers
Real-time news access
Data encryption and security
Affordable subscription options
Highly accurate summaries
Includes traditional studying methods
Supports international calling and messaging


No offline functionality
Limited file format support
Lacks collaborative features
No version history
No free version
Pro version is expensive
No mobile app
Lack of advanced customization
Reliance on internet speed
No multilingual support


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How can Saya be customized as an AI learning companion?
Can I create a personal knowledge repository with Saya?
How does Saya handle summarization of YouTube videos?
Does Saya support audio file processing?
Can Saya summarize Word documents?
How does Saya process PDF files?
What is the purpose of AI chats based on collection content in Saya?
Can Saya be used to summarize long books?
How does Saya help with research?
Can Saya summarize podcasts?
How can I organize files in collections with Saya?
What steps does Saya take to ensure accuracy of its summaries?
Can Saya replace my standard studying methods?
How does Saya safeguard user data?

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